10 Inspirational Boris Johnson Quotes

10 Inspirational Boris Johnson Quotes

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Boris Johnson is a British politician and and former journalist, he has also served as the British Prime Minister and was Mayor of London and the leader of the Conservative party.

Inspirational Quotes from Boris Johnson:


  1. I have as much chance of becoming Prime Minister as of being decapitated by a frisbee or of finding Elvis. Boris Johnson


  1. I am hoping very much to get re-elected but it is going to be a tough fight. Boris Johnson


  1. Ping-pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century, and it was called Wiff-waff! And there, I think, you have the difference between us and the rest of the world. Other nations, the French, looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to have dinner; we looked at it an saw an opportunity to play Wiff-waff. Boris Johnson


  1. It’s not reasonable for companies that have chief executives and board members who are paid very considerable sums to subsidise low pay through in-work benefits. Boris Johnson

   5. I have not been more robust towards female rather than male           assembly members and I do not believe I have been remotely sexist. Boris Johnson


  1. My speaking style was criticised by no less an authority than Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a low moment, my friends, to have my rhetorical skills denounced by a monosyllabic Austrian cyborg. Boris Johnson


  1. The Italians, who used to be a great motor-manufacturing power, have been absolutely destroyed by the euro – as was intended by the Germans. Boris Johnson


  1. I want London to be a competitive, dynamic place to come to work. Boris Johnson


  1. We are experiencing such large support for the Olympic relay that our advice is to stay in your neighbourhood, stay in your borough and wait for it to come near you. Boris Johnson

10. It is easy to make promises – it is hard work to keep them. Boris  Johnson


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