15 Inspirational Quotes From Duncan Bannatyne

15 Inspirational Quotes From Duncan Bannatyne

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Duncan Bannatyne is a serial entrepreneur, Born in 1949, Duncan, one of seven children; he grew up in Clydebank, Glasgow. Duncan is one of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs his journey to success has truly inspired many to work for themselves. Duncan has worked himself to the top from selling Ice-cream from an ice cream van to owning care Homes for the elderly in the 1980’s, Duncan just built and built he remortgaged his house when he built his first care home, took a loan from the bank and even sold his ice cream business to finance the care home. In the 1990,s he sold of his chain of care homes for a fortune and went it to the healthcare sector purchasing a chain of Health clubs now known as Bannatyne Health club. His portfolio also involves Casino, Hotels, and Properties. Duncan is one of Britain’s richest men with an estimated health of over £280 million in 2018.

Duncan was a reality start on the Television show series Dragon’s Den, he spent many years on the show investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in young entrepreneurs, he has made a fortune from his casino’s, Bannatyne health club and hotels. Duncan is truly an inspiration to the world of business. He is a mentor for young entrepreneurs and has helped transform many start-up companies in to multi million pound businesses. His success is like no other, Duncan is one of the leading entrepreneurs who have made great success in proving that anyone who has a dream and a passion can do it and succeed the way he did.

His moto is ‘anyone can do it’ Duncan truly believes that anyone can make £100 million, you just got to believe in yourself be motivated and work hard to achieving your aims and objectives. Duncan has written a number of books about becoming an entrepreneur and his success story which made him a multi million air.

Below are Inspirational Quotes from Duncan Bannatyne:


  1. “I don’t think I’d be as successful running a big business now if I hadn’t once been responsible for every single aspect of a much smaller business.”Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “You can run a business any way you like, but you’ll run it better if you build it around your strengths.” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “Nothing teaches you how to adapt to change like starting a business.”
    Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “When I have a mission, it gives me something to focus on.” Duncan Bannatyne

5.“Getting advice in business isn’t hard, but getting good advice is.”Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “An entrepreneur in debt is an entrepreneur in business.” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “It is impossible to think big without thinking complex.” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “Life is too fragile and valuable to be spent doing something you hate.” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “Good salespeople make other people happy.” Duncan Bannatyne

10.“The best reason to start a business is because the customer needs it.” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “Sometimes in life, it has to be enough to be proud of yourself, even if no one else notices.” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “I honestly believe that anyone can make 1 million pounds, even 100 million pounds.”Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “Why wouldn’t you want to buy something that made you money?” Duncan Bannatyne


  1. “All businesses face hurdles and obstacles. It is how we tackle them that shapes our success.” Duncan Bannatyne

15.“You have to make your own chances.”Duncan Bannatyne

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