15 Inspirational Errol Spence Jr. Quotes

15 Inspirational Errol Spence Jr. Quotes

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1. “My dad and uncles listened to a lot of rap. My dad is a big fan of LL Cool J. Driving in the car with him, we’d listen to Jay-Z and Nas. My sister listened to a lot of No Limit, so I listened to Master P. and Cash Money – Lil Wayne and Juvenile. They had jewelry and nice cars. I was drawn to them”. Errol Spence Jr


2. “My motto is ‘Man Down,’ and I have to live up to it. I don’t go in looking for the knockout, but I let it happen naturally”. Errol Spence Jr


3. “If Keith Thurman comes back, and he has a great fight and he shows what he’s been showing in the fights with Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter, everyone is going to talk about Errol Spence vs. Keith Thurman”. Errol Spence Jr


4. “I still have to unify my division and basically become the undefeated welterweight champion of the world. I can’t lose. It is more added pressure, but it does make me work harder and keeps me more focused”. Errol Spence Jr


5. “At the end of the day, I feel like me and Keith Thurman is the fight to make. A lot of people bring up Terence Crawford since Keith Thurman’s been inactive”. Errol Spence Jr


6. “When I say we’re on different side of the streets, it’s true. Me and Terence Crawford are on different side of the streets”. Errol Spence Jr


7. “I want to stay active and busy. I don’t just want to fight a no-name opponent. I want a decent name or a big name or a world champion, somebody who is going to challenge me. That’s just it”. Errol Spence Jr


8. “I’m a boxing fan. I’ve seen Kell Brook fight. I’m not one of those boxers who says he doesn’t watch other guys fight or follow the sport. I do”. Errol Spence Jr


9. “Of course I would want the knockout, but with me, I just look for, you know, a spectacular performance. It’s like, walk them down, or go for the knockout. You know, hopefully I get the knockout”. Errol Spence Jr


10. “I still can improve a lot on my defense. I just have to keep perfecting my skills and keep progressing. You’re going to see a better Errol Spence next time I get in the ring”. Errol Spence Jr


11. “Any fighter who’s willing to step up, I’m willing to fight them. I’m ready to rule with an iron fist”. Errol Spence Jr


12. “Terence Crawford being across the street – I can’t promise it’s going to happen this year, but it’s going to happen”. Errol Spence Jr


13. “I am ready for a title unification fight with Keith Thurman and hope to be ready before too long for a move up to light-middleweight to meet Canelo Alvarez”. Errol Spence Jr


14. “Ocampo is very dangerous because he has nothing to lose. I want a guy who’s going to test me so the crowd gets its money’s worth. Errol Spence Jr


15. “I have a lot of big names on my side that I’m willing to fight, and I’m pretty sure they are willing to fight me, too”. Errol Spence Jr

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