20 Inspirational Quotes From Deontay Wilder

20 Inspirational Quotes From Deontay Wilder

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Deontay Wilder is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in the world; he is an American boxer and the WBC King of the ring. Wilder is an undefeated heavyweight champion of the world with 40 wins, 0 Loss and 1 draw he is the real deal maker. Born on 22nd October 1985 he has knocked out 39 of his 40 opponents making him the greatest, his knockout to win ration stands at 95%. He stands at 6.7 making him one of the tallest boxers in the heavyweight division after Tyson Fury. His net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

His epic clash with the Lineal Champion of the world Tyson Fury was one of the greatest boxing match ever presented with both fighters with a clean records no losses this was the match everybody was waiting for. The results ended in a draw with both fighters retaining their titles; however Deontay Wilder is not just satisfied with the draw he aims to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and hopes to accomplish his mission soon.

Below are inspirational quotes from Deontay Wilder:


  1. “Having patience is one of the hardest things about being human. We want to do it now, and we don’t want to wait. Sometimes we miss out on our blessing when we rush things and do it on our own time. ” Deontay Wilder


  1. “I want to bring excitement back to the heavyweight division. ” Deontay Wilder


  1. “And I don’t want to sit around. I want to fight four times a year. Whoever’s ready, I’m ready.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “When one guy is doing good, it makes all the others want to achieve greatness.” Deontay Wilder


 5.“When I am in the ring, all I think about is knocking my opponent’s head off, getting him out of there. Hurting him. Putting pain to him. I will have no mercy. I will have no pity. R.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “My right hand is a monster” Deontay Wilder


  1. “I was born a leader, never a follower. I never felt peer pressure. If the group goes left, I go right.”  Deontay Wilder


  1. “People have to realise that God has blessed me with power. He hasn’t got me this far for no reason. I feel like God has a plan for me in this sport. That’s how I have came up this fast.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “Working with one of the best strength trainers in the world, I’m getting more dangerous. I’m getting stronger and stronger.” Deontay Wilder

10.“I had a lot of great moments with David Haye” Deontay Wilder


  1. “Every guy I touch, it’s the same result. When I land, it’s like seeing one of those preachers on TV. When I touch them, they fall out.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “I don’t care what you have done before or what you are capable of: if you come up against a guy like me, you are in trouble.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “Boxing is my true calling. I’ve found my purpose in life” Deontay Wilder


  1. “Some guys like to fight on even playing grounds, and some guys like to cheat.” Deontay Wilder

15.“I am very comfortable travelling and going into other territories.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “People can be too harsh, especially with social media. It brings a person down” Deontay Wilder


  1. “My goal is to unify the division. Whoever’s got those belts, that’s who I want.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “When you have a fighter willing to do that, when he is seriously hurt and in pain but still fights, you’ve got a dangerous man on your hands.” Deontay Wilder


  1. “I could put everything I got in the bank on my abilities and skills and will, and what I’m capable of doing in the ring.” Deontay Wilder

20.“You have to, as an individual, know how to tune that stage of your life that’s in the past out.” Deontay Wilder

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