25 Inspirational Quotes From DJ Khaled

25 Inspirational Quotes From DJ Khaled

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DJ Khaled is a producer, DJ and composer. He started off his career in radio station and has since built his career in becoming a successful DJ. He is known by millions of people and uses snap-chat to help motivate others and inspire other to follow his success. He is a multi millionaire and has made his millions through his successful career in music.

Below are Inspirational quotes from DJ Khaled:

1.“You gotta water your plants. Nobody can water them for you.” DJ Khaled

2.“I’m the king of the anthems.” DJ Khaled

3.“Love is the most powerful thing in the world, and you know, what love brings is joy.” DJ Khaled

4. “I always make my dreams into goals.” DJ Khaled

5.“Love to everybody who is out there progressing and taking things to the next level.” DJ Khaled

6.“I want to appeal to everyone. Because I’m not saying I’m the best, but we the best.” DJ Khaled

7.“’They’ are the people that don’t believe in you, that say that you won’t succeed. We stay away from ‘They’.” DJ Khaled

8.“I’m not ashamed to say I fear something.” DJ Khaled

9.“I’m gonna go hard no matter what because I gotta feed my family, and I gotta feed myself.” DJ Khaled

10.“Don’t ever play yourself.” DJ Khaled

11.“Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.” DJ Khaled

12.“I’m all about peace. I’m all about unity. I’m all about love.” DJ Khaled

13.”We gonna win more. We gonna live more. We the best.” DJ Khaled

14.“The key is that I’m the king.” DJ Khaled

15.“Those that weather the storm are the great ones.” DJ Khaled

16.“There will be roadblocks but we will overcome them.” DJ Khaled

17.“I can deal with everything. I got the answer for anything.” DJ Khaled

18.“Key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.” DJ Khaled

19.“The memories we make with our family is everything.” DJ Khaled

20.“I wake up every day inspiring myself, because God gave me life.” DJ Khaled

21.“I know love is the answer.” DJ Khaled

22.“I’m honored that everybody’s inspired off my inspiration.” DJ Khaled

23.“People will try to bring you down, but you gotta go up.” DJ Khaled

24.“Love to everybody who is out there progressing and taking things to the next level.” DJ Khaled

25.“You can never run out of keys.” DJ Khaled

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