20 Inspirational Quotes From Lakshmi Mittal

20 Inspirational Quotes From Lakshmi Mittal

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Lakshmi Mittal is an Indian born steel tycoon; he is based in the United Kingdom and is an Indian business man. He is the Chairman and Chief executive officer of Arcelor Mittal, which is one the world largest steel making company. Born on 15th June 1950 in Rajgarth, Rajasthan, India Lakshmi Mittal also has other business interest than just managing a giant steel company, he owns 11% stake in the football club Queens Park Rangers alongside his son in law. He is a Billionaire and has a net worth of $14.1 Billion making him one of the world richest man. He is a business magnate who has transformed his company in to one of the biggest steel companies in the world, with his lavish life style from luxury cars, yacht, private jets and mansions all around the world he is a true inspiration to millions around the world. His net worth has gone down from previous years from when he was at the top of his game in business however this has not stopped him from pushing forward and he continues to build his business empire rapidly, with manufacturing and production plants all over the world he is truly of the world successful business man.

Below are Inspirational Quotes from Lakshmi Mittal:

  1. “The torch relay is an excellent embodiment of all that the Olympic Games have come to symbolise – a celebration of the human spirit. Personally to me, it represents striving to be the best in whatever we do, never giving up despite the odds, and a commitment to health and fitness” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “At the end of the day you have to keep emotions away.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “It is a high for me. It is my biggest and most satisfying deal.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “When I think about parallels between myself and an Olympian, I believe that success in the world of business is underpinned by very similar principles of perseverance and hard work.” Lakshmi Mittal

5.“If you want to grow you have to do something different from the majority of people.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “We are beginning to see the benefits of global consolidation.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “A strong player, which has the sufficient critical mass, can withhold pressure better and create a more stable environment that benefits shareholders as well as employees.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “ Differentiate yourself from the rest.” Lakshmi Mittal

10.“I am sure all politicians will be convinced of the merits of this deal.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “I don’t like the addiction as it could distract me from my focus.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “If I go to a match it doesn’t mean I want to buy the stadium or the club.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “Be a leader in your field.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “It is true that we are interested in scale but there are very sound reasons for this.” Lakshmi Mittal

15.“It’s difficult for them to do a deal at these levels.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever they might be.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “There will be no job cuts arising out of this merger in Europe — this is in the interest of jobs in Europe” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “In our industry today only a strong company with a global reach can ensure long-term employment and provide acceptable returns for shareholders.” Lakshmi Mittal


  1. “We are beginning to see the benefits of global consolidation.” Lakshmi Mittal


20.“When people can see which direction the leaders are going in it becomes easier to motivate      them.” Lakshmi Mittal


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