20 Inspirational Quotes From Tyson Fury

20 Inspirational Quotes From Tyson Fury

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Tyson Fury is a professional British boxer,. He is the undisputed lineal champion of the world, with an undefeated record, with 27 wins, 0 loss and 1 draw against Deontay Wilder, he is the peoples champion. In 2015 he defeated Wladimir Klitschko becoming the unified WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO, Ring magazine and lineal heavyweight champion.

Below are Inspirational quotes from Tyson Fury:

  1. “Mental health has got to be the biggest battle I’ve ever fought with, more than any opponent.”  Tyson Fury   

2.“If they want to take all the belts, they can take them, but they’ll never take what I’ve done and my achievements.” Tyson Fury


  1. “People can say what they want about me. But I’ve got a big heart and will keep going.” Tyson Fury


  1. “People really don’t understand about mental health problems unless you’ve been through it.” Tyson Fury

5.“Looking from the outside in people say well, that’s an idiot. He’s got everything going for him and he’s still not happy. If I knew what it was, then I’d have fixed it straight away.” Tyson Fury


  1. “Jesus loves the world, as I do” Tyson Fury


  1. “I am fighting royalty. I have gypsy kings on both sides of the family.” Tyson Fury


  1. “I had everything but it didn’t mean nothing. I wanted to die on a daily basis.  So material goods are only good for when things are going right in your life.”   Tyson Fury


  1. “When my supporters start making noise, Wlad [Klitschko] won’t know what has hit him. He’ll never have experienced an atmosphere like it.” Tyson Fury

10.“I believe all woman look good in dresses; is that a crime? ”Tyson Fury


  1. “You can have everything in life and feel like shit on a daily basis because no one can see inside the mind.”Tyson Fury


  1. “Wladimir Klitschko is a different kettle of fish to Haye. He is a genuine man with an excellent team behind him and they are genuine fighting people.” Tyson Fury


  1. “Racism is a sign of ignorance, in my opinion. Its people who haven’t been anywhere, haven’t seen the world.” Tyson Fury


  1. “Nothing can make depression, go away except medical advice and seeking medical help basically.” Tyson Fury

15.“ Jesus loves the world, as I do. ” Tyson Fury


  1. “I think I need a psychiatrist because I do believe I am mentally disturbed in some way.” Tyson Fury


  1. “He told me I couldn’t come back. I was too fat. I was finished. So it gave me the motivation to come back.”Tyson Fury


  1. “I’m not even scared of the devil. If the devil confronted me, I’d confront him as well.” Tyson Fury

19.“All I care about is providing and living every day. I don’t care about world titles, being a legend, or being a hero.” Tyson Fury

20.“I was way out of control. Something needed to happen, and it did.” Tyson Fury

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