25 Inspirational Aaron Levie Quotes

25 Inspirational Aaron Levie Quotes

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Aaron Levie is an American businessman, co-founder and CEO of the enterprise cloud company Box. Levie attended the University of Southern California before start cloud storage company Box. In December 2005, during his junior year at USC, Levie took a leave of absence to launch Box (originally called box.net).

Below are Inspirational Quotes From Aaron Levie:


  1. “Focus too much on the near-term and you won’t get tomorrow’s customers, focus too much on the long-term and you won’t get today’s.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Startups often win because it’s easier to see what comes next when you don’t have to worry about maintaining what came last.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Opportunity lives at the intersection of what people need tomorrow and can be just barely built today.” Aaron Levie


  1. “I’m certainly not into money and prestige. For me there is simply nothing more exciting than people involved in the creation of great products. That is what drives me.” Aaron Levie

5. “Everything about the enterprise, and then by definition the software the enterprise uses has changed - just in the last 5 years.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Better to be too early and have to try again, than be too late and have to catch up.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Start with something simple and small, then expand over time. If people call it a ‘toy’ you’re definitely onto something.” Aaron Levie


  1. “The product that wins is the one that bridges customers to the future, not the one that requires a giant leap.” Aaron Levie


  1. “My workday begins around 11 A.M., with a cup of black coffee in each hand. If I had more hands, there would be more coffee.” Aaron Levie

10.“Your product should sell itself, but that does not mean you don’t need salespeople.” Aaron Levie


  1. “If you’re waiting for encouragement from others, you’re doing it wrong. By the time people think an idea is good, it’s probably too late.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Too little process and you can’t get good work done. Too much process and you can’t get any work done. Most companies never find the middle.” Aaron Levie


  1. “What happens to the Microsofts, Oracles and IBMs of the world is that when they get big enough, they don’t think they need to bring that same level of focus and energy to the end-user experience.” Aaron Levie


  1. “When you’re doing something you’re passionate about, stress becomes a featurenot a bug.” Aaron Levie

15. “Companies have never won. You’re always either fighting for survival, or fighting for relevance.” Aaron Levie


  1. “I think people are always able to achieve more than they think they can. While that’s cliche, I don’t know if managers think about that enough. You have to set your sights extremely high.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Take the stodgiest, oldest, slowest moving industry you can find. And build amazing software for it.” Aaron Levie


  1. “The best technology is aimed far enough in the future that it stands out, but close enough to the present that it blends in.” Aaron Levie


  1. “There’s a lot of pride that business owners have. It’s actually really critical that pride and ownership extends to everyone in the organization. I think of everyone is in the same boat in driving the company forward.” Aaron Levie

20. “Innovation is hard because solving problems people didn’t know they had & building something no one needs look identical at first.” Aaron Levie


  1. “I think because of the iPhone and the fact that we now have a ubiquitous internet, our creativity in the startup space is 10 times different.” Aaron Levie


  1. “The chance of failure is almost always better than the guarantee of never knowing.” Aaron Levie


  1. “You’ll learn more in a day talking to customers than a week of brainstorming, a month of watching competitors, or a year of market research.” Aaron Levie


  1. “Go after the customers that are working in the future, but haven’t totally lost their minds.” Aaron Levie

25. “A lot of being productive personally is determined by how you organize your entire business. You can’t separate those two things.” Aaron Levie

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