25 Inspirational Abdul Samad Rabiu Quotes

25 Inspirational Abdul Samad Rabiu Quotes

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Abdul Samad Isyaku Rabiu CON is a Nigerian billionaire businessman and philanthropist. His late father, Khalifah Isyaku Rabiu, was one of Nigeria’s foremost industrialists in the 1970s and 1980s.

Inspirational Abdul Samad Rabiu Quotes:


1. “Growth can only be achieve, by matching and surpassing the existing quality, even if that means besting your own records.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


2. “It has saved us so much hassle, not to mention the money we have saved and jobs we have created.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


3. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


4. “I would look at the $3bn-4bn we spend importing steel pipes, find out who was importing them and tell them: ‘Guys, we are stopping those imports. But we will give you five years and help you produce steel in Nigeria fully integrated from iron ore.’ And it’s easy. We did it in cement. We did it in sugar.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


5. “Someone might have a very good business plan, and it would work, but he can’t find the money.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


6. “I’m happy that [for] the businesses we are now in we really don’t need to import or spend a lot of foreign exchange.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


7. “Some mischief-­maker approached Dangote saying he had title to the land where we were operating. Aliko acquired this ‘fake licence’, and so we got into discussion. But Aliko is a brother and a friend.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


8. “My knowledge and experiences in business, gives me the passion to do what i do consistently to improve the business.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


9. “We have a young, teeming population that needs jobs.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


10. “Everyone was lazy, trading imports took over in the last days of the previous regimes.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


11. “Today, we have the capacity to produce over 40m tonnes.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


12. “Everybody thought the government was crazy.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


13. “Be prepared to sacrifice, and work harder than you’ve ever thought possible. Be prepared to work around the clock, to be laughed at, called a dreamer, and to be told several times that your ideas will not work.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


14. “If I had worried about everything that could go wrong, I would never have started. Sometimes, you just need to take a leap of faith.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


15. “Focus on making your product or service awesome. I see a lot of guys go into business with a ‘how can I make money’ approach. But if you go in there saying ‘how can I make something awesome’, the money will follow.”Abdul Samad Rabiu


16. “Getting things done is better than having things perfect. Done is better than perfect. Whatever you have in your hands, get going with it. Just do it.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


17. “To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. In the journey of entrepreneurship, tenacity of purpose is supreme.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


18. “Dreaming is good. But now your dream must be profitable. For example, you cannot find investors who will put funds in your project without them seeing the potential for profitability.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


19. “It’s crucial to listen to your customers. Deliver on time and don’t overpromise or under promise or overpromise and under deliver. I learnt to run my business very efficiently. It’s also important that you communicate and be responsive.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


20. “The reality is that our competitors have always outspent us, but we’ve still executed better than them. Hence, I’m sure money is not the sole determinant factor of providing a better service or product.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


21. “I am guided each day by these three questions: ‘What are you fixing?’ ‘What are you making?’ and ‘Who are you helping?” Abdul Samad Rabiu


22. “Nineteen people may love your work, but the twentieth one will hate it and will tell you so; you cannot allow that to affect you. That may sound trite, but there is huge risk in letting criticism get you down.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


23. “Businesses that are spoilt with too much capital make the wrong decisions. Constraints are the most wonderful things in business, because constraints allow you to be innovative and come up with different solutions.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


24. “Failure is an opportunity to learn and to do better next time. It’s part of the path to greatness, which was never meant to be smooth.” Abdul Samad Rabiu


25. “Failure is necessary for any learning curve. Failure makes you stronger, bolder, and less scared of taking risks.” Abdul Samad Rabiu

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