25 Inspirational Amir Khan Quotes

25 Inspirational Amir Khan Quotes

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Amir Khan is an English professional boxer. As an amateur, Khan won a silver medal in the lightweight division at the 2004 Olympics, becoming at the age of 17, Britain’s youngest boxing Olympic medallist. In 2007, he was named ESPN prospect of the year. He is co-owner of India’s Super Fight League (MMA) and Super Boxing League.

Below are Inspirational quotes from boxer Amir Khan:


  1. “I will fight anyone and I think the world of boxing knows that I will step in the ring with any fighter in the world.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “It’s definitely a relief not to get as much attention for this fight because it means I can just get on with it just like any other fight.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “We have to make sure that if another major earthquake comes, people are better prepared. That means building better and stronger homes and communities than they had before.” Amir Khan boxer


4. “He’s made me from being a good fighter to one of the best fighters in the world.” Amir Khan boxer

   5. “In the UK I can’t walk the streets but at least in America and I can walk the streets and be like a normal person.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “I was just fighting back at times when I didn’t have to fight back.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “We want society to clean up. There’s a lot of gun crime knife crime out there nowadays. Put all them away, you don’t wanna get involved in all that stuff. Get into a gym and train hard and be focused.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “I’m more known than Kell Brook here in America than he is in England.” Amir Khan boxer


9. “A lot of people think it takes a man to fight on the streets but boxing teaches you to walk away from fights on the streets.” Amir Khan boxer

   10. “I’ve got a gymnasium in England where I keep kids off the streets, give them discipline and keep them out of trouble with the police.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “With boxing, kids start behaving in school so I think boxing is one of the toughest sports out there and one of the best sports to put someone on a straight path.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “If you cheat yourself in boxing then you’re not gonna win.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “Both fighters just wanna get in there and get the fight on, but it’s like we’re on a leash. As soon as they let go of that leash in the ring, that’s when we go at it.” Amir Khan boxer


14. “I always said to my friends I’m never gonna go New York, I don’t like it, it’s too busy for me but I ended up being engaged to a girl from New York.” Amir Khan boxer

   15. “I will knock Danny Garcia out. I will take the world titles home. I know Danny didn’t train as hard as me. I promise I will knock him out. That is the only way.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “We just wanted the truth to get out there. As fighters come from England and we come to the big stage in America, if we’re not gonna get treated right and not treated fairly then there are fighters from the UK that are never going to come to America.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “Coming to his hometown is more motivation for me because I wanna win his fans over.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “I think I’m as good as the Russians and the Cubans but I’ve got my feet on the ground. Now that I’ve got a medal it is a huge thing for somebody my age. The pressure is off now and I’ll be relaxed, calm and cool headed for the next fight.” Amir Khan boxer


19. “I’m also happy that boxing’s cleaning up. The sport is getting cleaned up.” Amir Khan boxer

   20. “Like many who feel exiled, it is a primal requirement to return to your roots. And this project has built that bridge for me.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “If I didn’t open my mouth, I don’t think I would’ve got the rematch against Lamont Peterson.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “It’s not about focusing on the fans, it’s about focusing in the ring and making sure I do everything right to win the fight.” Amir Khan boxer


  1. “Everyone I box now is going to be after me, but that’s what I want, to be tested to the full.” Amir Khan boxer


24. “I wasn’t really impressed by the fight. He was making a lot of mistakes. He was fighting a 40 year old man who should’ve really got him out in 4 or 5 rounds.” Amir Khan boxer


   25. “I don’t wanna look too far ahead because you’re only one punch away from getting hurt and if I lose my next fight than all my dreams are gone.” Amir Khan boxer

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