25 Inspirational Amit Bhatia Quotes

25 Inspirational Amit Bhatia Quotes

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Amit Bhatia is a British-Indian businessman. He is the founding partner of Swordfish Investments and chairman of Queens Park Rangers football club.

Inspirational Amit Bhatia Quotes:


1. “I write poems like some people sing in the bathroom.” Amit Bhatia


2. “Here’s what my CV usually does not say: I was trained as a teacher. My first job lasted less than 60 days. I was an assistant professor at a good college at Delhi University, but I found it very political, very suffocating. At the age of 23, you’re not very tolerant of those things.” Amit Bhatia


3. “My word is my bond comes from our father’s strong belief to honour his commitments.” Amit Bhatia


4. “We have to know and understand the countries, their cultures, and the markets in which we operate.” Amit Bhatia


5. “If infrastructure projects are held up, we will have accumulated interest on them, making them unviable.” Amit Bhatia


6. “Demonetisation is a bold decision. Nobody has taken such a decision in a vast economy like India. The economy’s cash component has gone into the banking system. Traders used cash to do business.” Amit Bhatia


7. “We are redefining the purpose of the building with the finest private residences anywhere.” Amit Bhatia


8. “We have a power surplus because there is no push in manufacturing.” Amit Bhatia


9. “Today, when I meet Indian industrialists visiting London, I don’t see happy faces. They all feel nothing is happening. I (myself) don’t get the same feeling because wherever we have invested, the returns have been substantial.” Amit Bhatia


10. “But we will have to wait and watch. I also feel tax generation will become much better.” Amit Bhatia


11. “My hope and vision are that The Old War Office becomes a place that represents peace and tolerance.” Amit Bhatia


12. “India will be in a much better situation because it’s the second-largest democracy and the U.S. wants to grow its defence business in India, and India is one of the world’s largest importers of defence equipment.” Amit Bhatia


13. “We attach great importance to our relationship with the United Kingdom this is our home where many of our children went to school and university.” Amit Bhatia


14. “We also believe it is our duty to help strengthen relations between India and host countries where our family is based, notably the UK, the United States and Switzerland. In our 40 years in London, we have promoted Indo-UK relations and the Asian community here.” Amit Bhatia


15. “The time of Partition in India, my father was in Bombay, where he set up a clinic and centre with food and accommodation for fleeing refugees from Pakistan as well as a school for children arriving in the city.” Amit Bhatia


16. “I have a British passport, but the rest of my family have Indian passports, and I am Indian.” Amit Bhatia


17. “My expertise is running businesses.” Amit Bhatia


18. “We have never seen a sport as a business, and we have this great passion for football. QPR are not a trophy asset. If we had wanted a trophy asset, there were more glamorous clubs we could have bought.” Amit Bhatia


19. “I don’t think I can elaborate much as I don’t want to court media controversy.” Amit Bhatia


20. “If the policies are clear and I don’t have to come here again and again to change my shoes, yes, we will. Otherwise, no.” Amit Bhatia


21. “We have good CEOs who have turned our companies around. We give them a free hand but we keep a run a tight ship on governance.” Amit Bhatia


22. “My father-in-law and I always had great interest in Indian sport. At the Athens Olympics, watching the wrestling event, we started discussing the state of Indian sport inadequate representation, lack of satisfactory results etc. We thought we should do something about it.” Amit Bhatia


23. “If we don’t have an egalitarian, equitable, and peaceful society, being very wealthy isn’t worth much. If I can make a little bit of a dent in addressing this issue, I’ll have done my service.” Amit Bhatia


24. “In India, it’s hard not to have Gandhi as a hero. To give up everything – including power and money and to live for his countrymen, that beats everything else. He’s a role model of selflessness.” Amit Bhatia


25. “I’m an introvert. I get my energy by spending time alone. I need that hour or two to myself every day.” Amit Bhatia

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