25 Inspirational Amrita Arora Quotes

25 Inspirational Amrita Arora Quotes

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Amrita Arora is an Indian film actress, model, TV Presenter and VJ. She is the Sister of Bollywood actress and host Malaika Arora.

Inspirational Amrita Arora Quotes:


1. “Kareena Kapoor is a rare film star.” Amrita Arora


2. “I feel satisfied with my journey in the film industry.” Amrita Arora


3. “Cinema is a slice of reality. You have school and college kids being intimate and marriage is not even in question and that is what they show in cinema.” Amrita Arora


4. “In every family, people easily relate me with their daughter, sister, or the girl they always knew in their neighbourhood.” Amrita Arora


5. “It was work as well as play while shooting for ‘Ishq Vishq’ in South Africa. What made the trip more enjoyable was our energetic and fun-loving director Ken Ghosh, who hung out with the cast a lot.” Amrita Arora


6. “I think the ’50s was the golden period. I am a fan of ’50s cinema. I wish I was born at that time.” Amrita Arora


7. “Just because gladiator shoes are in, everybody can’t start flaunting those.” Amrita Arora


8. “Lipstick and eyeliner and a powder compact can keep you looking fresh and attractive all day.” Amrita Arora


9. “I believe that we all have ambitions and we all want to achieve something. But the larger things in life that happen to us are already pre-meditated, pre-destined. So we should just romance life.” Amrita Arora


10. “There is so much corruption on so many levels of democracy that the common man is deprived of the basic rights.” Amrita Arora


11. “Both my mom and dad were quite supportive. They never ever stopped me in realizing my dreams in the film industry.” Amrita Arora


12. “Since my childhood, I was that girl who would walk into a movie hall starry-eyed having this hunch that I will be there and can do this though I did not have the guts to share my feeling with my parents.” Amrita Arora


13. “All in all Hyderabad is a beautiful city. I think I have fallen in love with it.” Amrita Arora


14. “Most of my roles have had streaks of a real girl from the real world.” Amrita Arora


15. “I have no plans of getting married so soon.” Amrita Arora


16. “For me fitness is not about fighting fat or aiming thinness, it is about having the stamina and physical energy to keep up with my professional demands and day to day requirements of life.” Amrita Arora


17. “When it comes to viewer’s choice, each film counts. Moreover, it’s important to enjoy the work that I do. Thus, it is important that I am excited about the films I sign.” Amrita Arora


18. “Before I go to bed I clean my face with a cleansing milk and cotton pads and then wash my face thoroughly with a foamy face wash. I apply a calamine lotion on my face and a medicated moisturizer on my face and neck. I repeat the same procedure after I wake up in the morning.” Amrita Arora


19. “I won’t say I’m tired of playing the sweet girl next-door who looks at life each day with wide-eyed wonder. But I do crave for a change of image.” Amrita Arora


20. “I am ambitious, but don’t think that I’m in a race where I have to run to prove myself or outdo anyone.” Amrita Arora


21. “I was still in school when I heard about this audition for this fairness cream ad. I got selected and subsequently, did a lot of ads and I got noticed by Ramesh Taurani and Ken Ghosh and ‘Ishq Vishk’ happened.” Amrita Arora


22. “In 2010 I had signed three big banner films with actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, and Arjun Rampal. Directors like Ken Ghosh, Bela Bhansali signed me and I had got my signing amounts but those films did not take off at all.” Amrita Arora


23. “I went to a strict school. Even if a button was missing here and a clip missing there, we were punished.” Amrita Arora


24. “While pursuing my Bachelors with Psychology in Sophia College, I auditioned for an advertisement for Fair ever Face Cream. And to my surprise I was selected amongst the top contestant, which paved a way for me to take this profession sincerely.” Amrita Arora


25. “There was a time when the industry would typecast actors. It still continues to an extent on the celluloid but with the digital medium coming to the fore, the actors are finding equal status with the stars.” Amrita Arora

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