25 Inspirational Anushka Sharma Quotes

25 Inspirational Anushka Sharma Quotes

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Anushka Sharma is an Indian actress and producer who works in Hindi films. One of the most popular and highest-paid actresses in India, she has received several awards, including a Film fare Award.

Inspirational Anushka Sharma Quotes:


1. “I’m not gonna give anybody the power to control my life.” Anushka Sharma


2. “I wanted fans to know that I’m human and not perfect.” Anushka Sharma


3.”When it comes to work, I am focused. I work like a maniac.” Anushka Sharma


4. “The more I experience ups and down in life, more and more I begin to value the women around me. The strong ones. The resilient ones. The silent ones. They are strength.” Anushka Sharma


5. “If you want to do something, then you should go all out completely and be fearless.” Anushka Sharma


6. “Having failures in life is important to understand where, exactly, you stand.” Anushka Sharma


7. “People don’t like women with guts in this industry.” Anushka Sharma


8. “Love me, hate me, I’m here to stay!” Anushka Sharma


9. “Whenever opportunity comes Kohli grabs it with both the hands.” Anushka Sharma


10. “The way you see me is the way I am.” Anushka Sharma


11. “I’m a boys’ girl! I come from an army background and I haven’t known what being a ‘good Indian girl’ means.” Anushka Sharma


12. “I constantly doubt myself. I only feel confident in front of the camera.” Anushka Sharma


13. “I don’t understand love quite honestly. I think compassion is important but love fizzles out eventually. But if there is compassion in a relationship, things can always be worked out.” Anushka Sharma


14. “Coffee is the ultimate stress buster for me and I need my cup of coffee in the morning to kick start my day.” Anushka Sharma


15. “Boys used to call me Soda in school days. Soda means ‘serving officers daughters association.’ I miss those days when I had a much protected life: one could get close and bond with other army people that they gradually would become your extended family.” Anushka Sharma


16. “I don’t work for production houses. I only work for good scripts and roles. If you follow my career graph, you will find that I have not given a single flop yet in my career. I am proud of it.” Anushka Sharma


17. “I was very young when I was in RNBDJ and that journey had enabled me as an actor. I am not very confident of my growth as an actor but I am very confident of my growth as a person.” Anushka Sharma


18. “I have stayed in south India all my life. English comes more naturally to me than Hindi.” Anushka Sharma


19. “Acting is one of the two things that give me the most joy. The other thing is travelling. Nothing else matters to me.” Anushka Sharma


20. “If there is anything serious enough to make a difference in my life, I will talk about it.” Anushka Sharma


21. “I always wanted to be a model, never an actress. I would see children in ads and stuff and wanted to be like them.” Anushka Sharma


22. “If I am anorexic, I’d be in the hospital! I am tall. I am 5 foot 9 inches, 175 cm’s tall. I am lean, I am active and athletic. There are so many women who are naturally lean, and so am I. I have been like this for the longest time.” Anushka Sharma


23. “I genuinely don’t care about the ‘number one’ tag. That’s not my goal. You know, no one does that with heroes, but with actress it’s the same number game. It’s not a bloody pageant.” Anushka Sharma


24. “If I lead my life according to someone else, I’ve screwed my life up.” Anushka Sharma


25. “We never explore female relationships in our films. Two girls come into a movie and are associated with each other only because of a guy… I’ll make films to change that.” Anushka Sharma

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