25 Inspirational Arbaaz Khan Quotes

25 Inspirational Arbaaz Khan Quotes

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Arbaaz Khan is an Indian actor, director and film producer, who predominantly works in Hindi language films. He has also acted in a few Urdu, Telugu and Malayalam language films as well as television series. Since making his debut in 1996, he has acted in many leading and supporting roles.

Inspirational Arbaaz Khan Quotes:


1. “I have a dormant director in me. I do think about subjects and films I want to make. I get pretty excited about them.” Arbaaz Khan


2. “Sometimes, there is a long gap between the time the script was written and when it went on the floors. Being on the sets can be refreshing, as you can revive the script in some ways.” Arbaaz Khan


3. “I like to read. I like to spend time on the Net. I like to watch movies.” Arbaaz Khan


4. “People should mind their own business. This particularly applies to those who are inquisitive, and those who jump to conclusions.” Arbaaz Khan


5. “Due to my serious kind of roles, people apart from my close friends and family – did not know the real me.” Arbaaz Khan


6. “There are only advantages of being Salim Khan’s son, Salman Khan’s brother and coming from a known family.” Arbaaz Khan


7. “I think with time you don’t have an option but to listen to your wife.” Arbaaz Khan


8. “Salman has his own personal equation. I have my own personal equation. We are sometimes not even a part of each other’s celebration or happiness. But we are definitely there when somebody is down.” Arbaaz Khan


9. “Being sensitive means caring for your own feelings as well as those of others.” Arbaaz Khan


10. “I’m quite comfortable being the husband of a woman who’s a big celebrity. And of course a superstar’s brother. It’s not an enviable place to occupy but it’s the reality. I’m very closely related to two very successful people and I accept that happily.” Arbaaz Khan


11. “I think the audience will be pleasantly surprised to see what I have attempted with ‘Dolly Ki Doli.’ I am confident that this movie will be accepted.” Arbaaz Khan


12. “Honestly, I always had the silent ambition of being a director.” Arbaaz Khan


13. “I have a lot of friends, and it’s not necessary that if I go out for lunch or dinner with someone, they have to be my girlfriend; or that I’m committed to them.” Arbaaz Khan


14. “When you are living alone then you tend to take life casually.” Arbaaz Khan


15. “Ultimately, we stars are human being at the end of the day. We also have bad habits, weaknesses, we also make mistakes.” Arbaaz Khan


16. “My family, we siblings are there for each other.” Arbaaz Khan


17. “There is no need to do a rush job on any film.” Arbaaz Khan


18. “Though I may not have left a huge mark, I did create some ripples. People would recollect there was an actor called Arbaaz Khan.” Arbaaz Khan


19. “I may or may not have disappointed Malaika as a boyfriend and a husband, but not as the father of her child.” Arbaaz Khan


20. “You ask anyone in college, how would you like your wife or girlfriend to be? No one wants the ugliest girl in the world who no one wants to look at. Out of 100 people, all 100 will say that I want the most beautiful woman in the world. You ask anyone in college, how would you like your wife or girlfriend to be? No one wants the ugliest girl in the world who no one wants to look at. Out of 100 people, all 100 will say that I want the most beautiful woman in the world.” Arbaaz Khan


21. “I’m a recognisable actor, but I’m not a bankable actor.” Arbaaz Khan


22. “As for action, yes ‘Wanted’ was a success in the action genre. But not to the extent of ‘Dabangg.'” Arbaaz Khan


23. “I don’t want everyone to know when I go out with my son or my girlfriend for lunch or dinner.” Arbaaz Khan


24. “Sometimes, waiting for too long for the right film may fall flat.” Arbaaz Khan


25. “To be finally recognised for my work is a feeling I can’t describe.” Arbaaz Khan

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