25 Inspirational Arjun Kapoor Quotes

25 Inspirational Arjun Kapoor Quotes

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Arjun Kapoor is an Indian film actor who appears in Hindi films. The son of film producers Boney Kapoor and Mona Shourie Kapoor, he initially worked as an associate producer on his father’s productions.

Inspirational Arjun Kapoor Quotes:


1. “My personal style statement is very casual. And for me, comfort tops the chart over anything else.” Arjun Kapoor


2. “My mother was the nicest person in the world. I still have people coming to me to say how she was so warm, generous, and kind-hearted. She never washed her dirty linen in public. She always maintained her equations with people.” Arjun Kapoor


3. “Movies are my bread and butter and my inherent passion.” Arjun Kapoor


4. “Hollywood has cracked emotions very well with animation, and that is where India will eventually cover because it is an emotional country, and we just want a right story to tell, which will stir the right emotions with the audience.” Arjun Kapoor


5. “I can’t put on a facade every time I go out.” Arjun Kapoor


6. “The choice of films I make is directly proportional to the kind of cinema I have grown up watching.” Arjun Kapoor


7. “If I feel insecure, then I am in the wrong profession. I have to trust my director and the material he has given me.” Arjun Kapoor


8. “I have made my mistakes my strengths instead of looking at whose fault it is.”Arjun Kapoor


9. “Who would say no to a film like ‘Gunday?'”Arjun Kapoor


10. “I have never restricted myself to my strengths and abilities, as they are unlimited, and I am still discovering them.”Arjun Kapoor


11. “I have learned that women are superior beings. They have a higher threshold of pain and are more understanding and accepting than men. Also, if you listen to them, you’ll understand them better.” Arjun Kapoor


12. “I want all my films to do well.” Arjun Kapoor


13. “Success demands sacrifices. I believe it’s a small price to pay for the adulation and love one receives.” Arjun Kapoor


14. “It’s silly to have a prototype because one inevitably falls for someone unexpected. My only criterion is she shouldn’t just look nice; she must have a personality, too.” Arjun Kapoor


15. “I am too ambitious to become a house husband.” Arjun Kapoor


16. “I love leather jackets, and I am obsessed with it. I carry leather jackets fairly well.” Arjun Kapoor


17. “I considered obesity a disease. It can destroy you from within. It almost destroyed me, and I do not want that to happen to anybody.” Arjun Kapoor


18. “I try and work out at least six times a week with my trainer because that’s important for my body type, which is so different from a typical Indian boy.” Arjun Kapoor


19. “A film is not something that can be made over the phone or Skype. Creative people meet, spend time together, and then come up with something.” Arjun Kapoor


20. “When I get married, I think what matters is you should be happy with the person you are living with.” Arjun Kapoor


21. “I am someone who doesn’t talk more than what is required, but I am also a fun person.” Arjun Kapoor


22. “I feel that if you are not comfortable, you can’t be stylish, and that is the rule I follow.” Arjun Kapoor


23. “My life is cinematic in some ways.” Arjun Kapoor


24. “Every morning when I wake up, I am grateful and happy that I come to the film set. It is home.” Arjun Kapoor

25. “A relationship will be futile if it’s based just on physicality. Intellectual stimulation is a must for me.” Arjun Kapoor


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