25 Inspirational Charles Cadogan Quotes

25 Inspirational Charles Cadogan Quotes

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Charles Cadogan is a British  billionaire peer and landowner. He was a Second Lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards. He was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant (DL) of Greater London in 1996. He chaired Chelsea Fottbal Club from 1981 until 1982 and is also a Governor of Culford School in Suffolk. Sunday Times List 2009 ranked him the wealthiest people in the United Kingdom.

Inspirational quotes from Charles Cadogan:


  1. “I have always been astounded by the extreme disproportion in the importance and seriousness assigned to events of the waking moments and to those of sleep by the ordinary observer.” charles cadogan


  1. “By removing the mask of cleverness and admitting where we are, the Stuckist allows him/herself uncensored expression. Painting is the medium of self-discovery.” charles cadogan


  1. “In the present period of the death agony of capitalism, democratic as well as fascist, the artist sees himself threatened with the loss of his right to live and continue working. He sees all avenues of communication choked with the debris of capitalist collapse.” charles cadogan


  1. “To make is to destroy, metaphorically and literally. I work for myself and only me, abandoning the prestige that comes with a work, of rapturous applause and critical acclaim.” charles cadogan

5. “This life is so strange, so marvellous and quite ridiculous that even beauty can be found in the mundane objects of everyday life, because all of it is a story and more so than any species on earth, ours is a inimitable history.” charles cadogan


  1. “I am for an art that tells you the time of day, or where such and such a street is. I am for an art that helps old ladies across the street.” charles cadogan


  1. “Conceptual art is a load of nonsense, a cultural calamity whose continuing presence is perpetuated by a small yet powerful elite coterie of nobodies.” charles cadogan


  1. “Stuckism is the quest for authenticity.” charles cadogan


  1. “We were travelling with an infant and stated that in our Agoda special requests section when booking. The staff were exceptional in ensuring we had a splendid stay. Highly recommended!” charles cadogan

10. “Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.” charles cadogan


  1. “I have nothing to do with day-to-day matters and runs away.” charles cadogan


  1. “The racing trilby without which he is rarely photographed perhaps signifies that like many of his class and generation, this is a man who prefers horses to people – who is more impassioned by bloodstock breeding than by social engineering.” charles cadogan


  1. “I completely understand why I have been charged.” charles cadogan


  1. “I believe I have learned my lesson due to the disappointment of my parents and the disappointment in myself having committed an offence.” charles cadogan

15. “All I can ask is for forgiveness as everyone makes mistakes, especially at a young age.” charles cadogan


  1. “I have never had any problems with the police previously and I intend to have no future problems.” charles cadogan


  1. “I write this letter of mitigation to apologize for the offence I have committed.” charles cadogan


  1. “I was driving from my home in London to my home in Scotland and the excitement of being close to home after a long drive perhaps led to a momentary blip of concentration in my speed for which there’s no excuse.” charles cadogan


  1. “My deepest apologies go out to those I have troubled in my actions and the process of my offence.” charles cadogan

20. “Stewardship and community are the watchwords of the Estate.” charles cadogan


  1. “The teenager, who was accompanied to court by his father, represented himself and handed a letter pleading guilty and explaining the incident to the Justice of the Peace.” charles cadogan


  1. “The vehicle was stopped and the police spoke to the driver. He was cautioned and charged and stated I apologize.” charles cadogan


  1. “Making the area distinctive once again — recapturing the essence.” charles cadogan


  1. “It was irresponsible of me. I apologise for what I’ve done. I believe I’ve learned my lesson and it won’t happen again.” charles cadogan

25. “The excitement of being close to home after a long drive perhaps led to a momentary blip of concentration.” charles cadogan

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