25 Inspirational Dan Lok Quotes

25 Inspirational Dan Lok Quotes

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Dan Lok is a multimillionaire serial entrepreneur and internet marketing expert. Before building his first successful business, Dan failed in 13 separate business ventures. Dan got his first job when he was 16 years old bagging groceries for minimum wage at a local supermarket. That was the first and the last job he ever had. He written a dozen of books that teach financial freedom and entrepreneurship and is considered one of the world’s leading experts in internet marketing.

Below are Inspirational quotes from Dan Lok:


  1. “Remember, people don’t buy from you because they understand what you sell—they buy from you because they feel understood.” Dan Lok


  1. “Live your life as if all your dreams have come true, and then challenge your reality to catch up.” Dan Lok


  1. “You must determine the price that you will have to pay to achieve success, and then get busy paying that price.” Dan Lok


  1. “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.” Dan Lok


5. “A limited offer has unlimited appeal.” Dan Lok


  1. “You don’t want to compete in a market or niche. You want to dominate it. Any company that’s a great company always dominates.” Dan Lok


  1. “The number one quality of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to endure pain for a long period of time.” Dan Lok


  1. “The best marketers aren’t the best talkers… although many of them could charm the  pants right off you…they’re the best listeners. They know how to hear what prospects are really saying and what they’re not saying.” Dan Lok


  1. “Idea generator #23 info-products based on your personal interests or expertise” Dan Lok

10. “Visibility is more important than ability. You need to be known. You need people to want to hire you. Without customers you have no revenue, and no revenue means no business”. Dan Lok


  1. “I failed at 13 businesses before having my first success. Once you succeed, nobody cares about your failures.” Dan Lok


  1. “Love what you do, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” Dan Lok


  1. “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” -Dan Lok


  1. “Everybody wants to eat, But few are willing to hunt.” Dan Lok


15. “You want to strive for freedom and not comfort. You don’t want to do things that are comfortable. If every day you’re not doing something that scares you, you’re not growing.” Dan Lok


  1. “you will decide your future and so your courage in oneself also be different at least from what others do.” Dan Lok


  1. “Today I have the greatest job in the world. I work when I want, where I want, with whom I want, doing whatever I want to do.” Dan Lok


  1. “I’m just a guy with desire and ambition and goals. And I didn’t give up. I just kept on going. Anybody can do it if they want it bad enough.” Dan Lok


  1. “If you study failure and avoid those, the chance of you succeeding becomes much higher.” Dan Lok


20. “Many entrepreneurs lack focus. They cannot focus on one thing. They jump from one thing to another. The greatest edge you can have is laser beam focus.” Dan Lok


  1. “Be who you are not who people want you to be.” Dan Lok


  1. “Most entrepreneurs fail because they underestimate the difficulty and the effort that it takes to succeed.” Dan Lok


  1. “Poor people do what’s easy that’s why their life is hard. Rich people do what’s hard that’s why their life is easy.” Dan Lok


  1. “If you don’t talk to strangers on a regular basis. You will not be successful.” Dan Lok


25. “The great thing about business is you can screw it up, make mistakes, and fail many, many times. But it only takes one win to make up for all of those losses.” Dan Lok

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