25 Inspirational Dennis Taylor Quotes

25 Inspirational Dennis Taylor Quotes

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Dennis Taylor is a Northern Irish former professional snooker player and commentator. He is most well-known for winning the 1985 World Snooker Championship, where he defeated Steve Davis with the final ball of the 35th frame in the final to seal an 18-17 win.

Inspirational Dennis Taylor Quotes:


1. “This looks like being the longest frame in the match, even though it’s the first.” Dennis Taylor


2. “Tony Meo beginning to find his potting boots.” Dennis Taylor


3. “A little pale in the face, but then his name is White.” Dennis Taylor


4. “Tony Meo is eyeing up a plant.” Dennis Taylor


5. “All the reds are in the open now apart from the blue.” Dennis Taylor


6. “I know people say Ronnie O’Sullivan is the best thing in snooker since Tiger woods.” Dennis Taylor


7. “Mark is facing defeat in the face.” Dennis Taylor


8. “Well he has conceded there, but he never gives up, does him Steve.” Dennis Taylor


9. “Well, the shot would have been safe if the red hadn’t ended up over the pocket.” Dennis Taylor


10. “After 12 frames they stand all square. The next frame, believe it or not, is the 13th.” Dennis Taylor


11. “Although he has virtually won this match now he still really needs to win it.” Dennis Taylor


12. “All square all the way around.” Dennis Taylor


13. “It’s not unlucky, those pockets are always in the same position.” Dennis Taylor


14. “I am speaking from a deserted and virtually empty Crucible Theatre.” Dennis Taylor


15. “A two-frame lead is really only one.” Dennis Taylor


16. “We have high standards for city employees based on their job-related duties.” Dennis Taylor


17. “And Jimmy’s potting literally doing the commentary here.” Dennis Taylor


18. “He has to stay level, or one frame behind, that’s the only way he can beat him.” Dennis Taylor


19. “Well, valor was the better part of discretion there.” Dennis Taylor


20. “To lose your top three players and come back and do this was much unexpected.” Dennis Taylor


21. “He made a break of 98, which was almost 100.” Dennis Taylor


22. “We have witnessed a performance from Shaun which has been a bit special – a remarkable effort.” Dennis Taylor


23. “Sometimes the employer doesn’t tell the employee what to expect. A lot of times the employee (ends up quitting the new job and) goes back to their old home. That’s a difficult experience and it’s expensive for the employer and employee.” Dennis Taylor


24. “Perrie Mans played a prominent part in this tournament in1979- in fact, he won it.” Dennis Taylor


25. “There is a look and a grace and an elegance and a power that goes with diving. You can find power in a lot of kids and grace in some kids. But to find grace, power, and beauty in the air is so very rare. Coaches from all across the country take one look at her and say, ‘Oh, my god’.” Dennis Taylor

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