25 Inspirational Dr Bilal Philips Quotes

25 Inspirational Dr Bilal Philips Quotes

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Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, is a Canadian Muslim teacher, speaker, author, founder and chancellor of the Islamic Online University, who lives in Qatar. He appears on Peace TV, which is a 24-hour Islamic satellite TV channel. He considers himself a Salafi who advocates a traditional, literal form of Islam.

Inspirational Dr Bilal Philips Quotes:


1. “What are the pages of your book filled with? If it’s not good deeds, it’s time to write another story.” Dr. Bilal Philips


2. “Make it your aim to help someone or to say something kind to at least one person daily. Allah will love you for it.” Dr. Bilal Philips


3. “Living for Allah means focusing less on who you are, and focusing more on who Allah wants you to be.” Dr. Bilal Philips


4. “Forgiveness is Allah’s provision for sin. Not his permission to sin.” Dr. Bilal Philips


5. “Allah’s delay is not His denial. Sometimes bad things happen that are simply out of our control. But it may be a blessing in disguise if you are able to change how you look at it. Remember in every inadvertent delay there is good.” Dr. Bilal Philips


6. “Sometimes we ask Allah for strength and it seems like He gives us more difficulties. But it is those difficulties that actually make us strong, and Allah knows best.” Dr. Bilal Philips


7. “Peer pressure can make us feel inadequate. Don’t focus on false ideals of beauty and success. Allah created you exactly the way you are supposed to be beautifully and wonderfully made!” Dr. Bilal Philips


8. “Good deeds which do not last are those done for show or other ulterior motives. Their good is only gained in this world and does not extend to the next life, as good deeds done for the pleasure of God do.” Dr. Bilal Philips


9. “If you’re too busy to pray five times a day, you’re busier than Allah wants you to be, and too busy for your own good!” Dr. Bilal Philips


10. “It’s never luck or fate. It’s Allah’s perfect plan!” Dr. Bilal Philips


11. “When you wake up from a deep sleep with no other reason but to worship your Lord, you know that you have found the purpose of life.” Dr. Bilal Philips


12. “Don’t Panic and lose hope even if there is a mountain in your path. Talk to the ONE who created the mountains.” Dr. Bilal Philips


13. “Always remember there is no situation that you are experiencing alone. Allah is always with you!” Dr. Bilal Philips


14. “The Dunya has been designed to break your heart. If you are looking to be happy here, you are in the wrong place.” Dr. Bilal Philips


15. “Allah never empties your hands except to place a better thing in them. Trust his decision.” Dr. Bilal Philips


16. “Don’t worry about other people’s opinions of you. ” Dr. Bilal Philips


17. “When your situation becomes worrying, pray about it. Once you’ve prayed, don’t worry about it any longer as it is now in Allah’s hands.” Dr. Bilal Philips


18. “Wherever you find yourself, remember you are an ambassador of Islam.” Dr. Bilal Philips


19. “If we regularly pause and reflect on what is good in our lives, gratitude will constantly increase while discontentment will surely decrease.” Dr. Bilal Philips


20. “Make it your aim to help someone or to say something kind to at least one person daily. Allah will love you for it.” Dr. Bilal Philips


21. “Power or material wealth are not signs of being blessed. Receiving the benefits of Allah’s grace is being blessed.” Dr. Bilal Philips


22. “Allah has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles, and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t give up.” Dr. Bilal Philips


23 “The best cure for worry is to surrender it all to Allah.” Dr. Bilal Philips


24. “You may fall in love with the beauty of someone, but remember that finally, you have to live with the character, not the beauty.” Dr. Bilal Philips


25. “Don’t worry about other people’s opinions of you. ” Dr. Bilal Philips

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