25 Inspirational Dr Caroline Leaf Quotes

25 Inspirational Dr Caroline Leaf Quotes

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Dr Caroline Leaf is one of the greatest American director, filmmaker, animator and producer. Her extraordinary work includes producing a number of animated films and she has been recognized all over the globe for her exceptional and outstanding work.

Inspirational Quotes from Dr Caroline Leaf:

1. “God designed humans to observe our own thoughts, catch those that are bad, and get rid of them.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

2. “Our choices—the natural consequences of our thoughts and imagination—get ‘under the skin’ of our DNA and can turn certain genes on and off, changing the structure of the neurons in our brains. So our thoughts, imagination, and choices can change the structure and function of our brains on every level.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

3. “You cannot sit back and wait to be happy and healthy and have a great thought life; you have to make the choice to make this happen.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

4. “When we step out of our Perfect You, we will be in conflict and this will make us frustrated and unhappy, and even temporarily reduce our intelligence and potentially lead to mental ill health.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

5. “The active mind changes the brain; the brain is the passive part of existence.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

6. “If you realized how powerful your thought are, you would never think a negative thought.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

7. “The basic ingredients of quantum physics are: paying attention, thinking and choosing, and consequence.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

8. “Frame your world with your words.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

9. “Multitasking is a persistent myth. Paying deep, focused attention to one task at a time is the correct way.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

10. “How we think not only affects our own spirit, soul, and body but also people around us.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

11. “You are not a victim. You can control your reactions. You do have a choice.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

12. “The sins of parents create a predisposition, not a destiny.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

13. “Our brains are made for love. Not fear. Not performance. Not aggression. But live.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

14.“Reaction is the key word here. You cannot control the events or circumstances of your life, but you can control your reactions.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

15. “By the same token, if you choose to add a signal—for example, saying something like, ‘My mother had depression and that’s why I have depression, and now my daughter is suffering from depression’—then the epigenetic marks are activated. Thinking and speaking out the problem serves as the signal that makes it a reality.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

16. “When we gather information like puzzle pieces without putting the puzzle together, intellectual growth is stifled.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

17. “Daytime thinking is a building process, whereas nighttime thinking is a sorting process.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

18. “We are not victims of our biology or circumstances. How we react to the events and circumstances of life can have an enormous impact on our mental and even physical health.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

19. “We are not designed to go through life with a ‘fearful spirit,’ not able to cope with or face our problems.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

20. “What your mind creates only your mind can take away.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

21. “They travel long distances. And synthetic chemicals are used freely.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

22. “Our mind is designed to control the body, of which the brain is a part, not the other way around. Matter does not control us; we control matter through our thinking and choosing. We cannot control the events and circumstances of life but we can control our reactions.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

23. “Whether we switch on happiness, peace, and good health or switch on anxiety, worry, and negativity, we are changing the physical substance of the brain.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

24. “ Change takes place over time through continual persistence.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

25. “Your body is not in control of your mind—your mind is in control of your body, and your mind is stronger than your body. Mind certainly is over matter.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

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