25 Inspirational Eddie Hearn Quotes

25 Inspirational Eddie Hearn Quotes

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Eddie Hearn is an English sports promoter. He is managing director of Matchroom sports, and is a director of the professional Darts Corpertaion. In 2018, Hearn revealed boxing’s first $1 billion boxing deal (£750 million) as Matchroom and streaming service DAZN signed an agreement to stream shows across America.

Below are Inspirational quotes from Eddie Hearn:


  1. “You probably think I’m mad saying that. You know people that have lost their first pro fights? Bernard Hopkins? Right, there you go!” Eddie Hearn


  1. “AJ was like that this early in his career. You’ve got to be stronger, faster, fitter.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “This is going to be my toughest test, but I feel like it’s going to get the best out of me.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “I’m learning in every fight. The training has gone so well over this last few months, so it’s been a good transition for me into the pro game.” Eddie Hearn


5. “But I think I perform better on big stages when there’s more pressure on. As soon as it gets to fight time, when there’s big crowds, that’s when the best comes out of me.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “But it’s ok, because you’ve got to test yourself sometimes and this is your test. So now it’s about what you got in your heart, that’s all.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “Fights often get hyped up and don’t live up to it. I believe this fight, however, will live up to all the hype.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “When asked about the possibility of returning to the ring in December, Hearn was adamant.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “Wladimir is ready and that’s all that matters. You don’t have to second guess anything – both guys bring everything to the ring. This is truly going to be a good fight.” Eddie Hearn


10. “We will definitely show the world that despite the violence, we can handle each other respectfully before and after.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “We aren’t going anywhere – you’ve got our backing 100%. But I’m not going to put you in a ring again until you are ready. Next time there’ll be no excuses.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “I’m preparing physically and mentally for any battle. That’s why I enjoy the sport and take it seriously.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “Even though it’s an amazing event I try to strip everything back down. It’s me and a man coming to blows – and the best man will win.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “I can use a quote from the former referee, and fighter, Mills Lane – let’s get it on!” Eddie Hearn


15. “The boxing promoter-turned father figure finished off with “It’s done. There’s no point in talking about it. So you take it on the chin, and you learn.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “Skills do pay the bills, so hopefully, I can keep on learning and keep on improving.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “I’m just trying to make everything perfect. As an amateur I was pretty elusive, but in the pros you cannot afford to get hit with certain shots.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “When the last bells rings, we will shake hands again. In between, on the night, we will be enemies.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “It’s a challenge. Anthony’s in that phase of his career where he really enjoys boxing. The training sessions are really enjoyable.” Eddie Hearn


20. “He’s the only guy I know who works harder than Manny Pacqiuao.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “It’s a massive experience for me. When I first started boxing I would never have thought in my second fight, so early in my career, I would be fighting in Wembley Stadium”. Eddie Hearn


  1. “It’s the best place to be. You cannot get better preparation. You’re making subtle changes and then put it into practice against world-class opposition (in sparring).” Eddie Hearn


  1. “I’ve had top-quality sparring and I’m ready for this fight. This is a big opportunity to me and I’m really excited by that.” Eddie Hearn


  1. “Preparation has gone really well. Everyone always says that, but I’ve only been in the country for four weeks this year. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices.” Eddie Hearn


25. “He’s going to box beautifully, I’ve seen a lot of really good changes in the gym and you’ll see  hat on the night.”  Eddie Hearn

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