25 Inspirational Evander Holyfield Quotes

25 Inspirational Evander Holyfield Quotes

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Evander Holyfield is an American previous expert fighter who contended from 1984 to 2011. He reigned as the undisputed winner at cruiserweight in the last part of the 1980s and at heavyweight in the mid 1990s, and remains the main fighter in history to win the undisputed title in two weight classes.

Inspirational Evander Holyfield Quotes:


1. “If you quit every time things don’t go your way, then you’ll be quitting all through your life.” Evander Holyfield


2. “It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.” Evander Holyfield


3. “A champion shows who he is by what he does when he’s tested. When a person gets up and says ‘I can still do it’, he’s a champion.” Evander Holyfield


4. “A setback only paves the way for a comeback.” Evander Holyfield


5. “Fighters find it hard to give up doing what they do best – fighting for a living.” Evander Holyfield


6. “A champion shows who he is by what he does.” Evander Holyfield


7. “Stay on your toes and always move forward.” Evander Holyfield


8. “I lost my first fight at the Boys Club at 11 years old and quit the team. My mother told me I had to go back because she didn’t raise no quitter. I lost a second fight and quit again and still my mother wouldn’t let me. She made me go back and try again.” Evander Holyfield


9. “I do not lose; I just do not get decisions sometimes. You lose when you quit. I have never quit. When it comes down to a decision, judges make a decision as to which fighter they want to win the fight. I have always been able to survive no matter whom they decide to give the fight to.” Evander Holyfield


10. “When at a young age you learn to face your fears, that makes the difference between people being champions and people not being champions.” Evander Holyfield


11. “People who make the choice to study, work hard or do whatever they endeavour is to give it the max on themselves to reach to the top level. And you have the people who get envy and jealous, yet are not willing to put that work in, and they want to get the same praise.” Evander Holyfield


12. “Odds are just the people opinion. Respect your own opinion.” Evander Holyfield


13. “The word of God steadies me. He says your trials and tribulations make you who you are. So you can see my whole story in the way I endured and overcame some testing experiences.” Evander Holyfield


14. “When you do not change up a lot, people may know you a lot better than they should.” Evander Holyfield


15. “The main thing about Bruce Lee is that, he was a little guy. And you know, his quickness, his aggressiveness, his explosive power, you have to be a great athlete to have all these, his body, his look, you know, all these things have to do with discipline and structure. He was able to go against the biggest guy, regardless of who he was.” Evander Holyfield


16. “The most important thing about being a father is being able to forgive yourself. If you don’t forgive yourself, you’re not going to forgive your kids, either.” Evander Holyfield


17. “Pressure bursts pipes. I thank God for giving me peace of mind to overcome pressure.  The difference  between winning and losing is when pressure hits.” Evander Holyfield


18. “When you have a sound mind, you can do what’s necessary.” Evander Holyfield


19. “I’m just one woman away, my mother, from being the same as Mike Tyson. I would’ve ended up like him if my mama had not been so tough and strong. A lot of people, including Mike, don’t know I came from the ghetto. They think I’m too nice and proper. But that’s the way my mama raised me – to look people in the eye and respect them.” Evander Holyfield


20. “Madison Square Garden, November 1984. I don’t recall taking too much fear into the ring. I knew I could fight. But I got a big shock. They put me in with this rough, tough veteran called Lionel Byarm. He tested me to the limit. But I fought my heart out and, in the end, I prevailed. The story of my life, in my very first fight.” Evander Holyfield


21. “If you don’t take no chances, then you’re not a performer. Performers always take chances. You go see a singer, they’ll hit the high note. They’ll hit that note, they’re not afraid, they’re gonna exaggerate the fact and make me enjoy it, make me say, ‘Wow, I wish I could do that!” Evander Holyfield


22. “A sight game is that I am hurt, but I aim to make you believe I am not even hurt, and with this confidence appearing on my face, I don’t panic, otherwise your opponent will know that you are hurt. That’s the whole art game in boxing.” Evander Holyfield


23. “Deep down, I reckon the sweetest moment will come when it’s finally all over. When, at last, I know that I can stop fighting. Of course it’ll also be a little sad. The sweetest moments, you know, always come with just a little sadness.” Evander Holyfield


24. “We lived in a real rough place but my mother kept me straight.” Evander Holyfield


25. “I lived in a project and…didn’t have a good education. But…I’d listen to the preacher, who said that God would show me the way. Everything starts from that confidence.” Evander Holyfield

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