25 Inspirational Faiq Bolkiah Quotes

25 Inspirational Faiq Bolkiah Quotes

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Faiq Jefri Bolkiah is an individual from the Bruneian Royal Family and a Bruneian expert footballer who plays as a midfielder for Portuguese club Marítimo and the Brunei public group. He has served as the skipper of the national team.

Inspirational Faiq Bolkiah Quotes:


1. “I don’t want another story like the one that appeared online.” Faiq Bolkiah


2. “Respect All; Fear None.” Faiq Bolkiah


3. “I’m not the richest player in the world. That’s nonsense and really unhelpful to me to be called that. I’m just a young boy trying to make a career in football.” Faiq Bolkiah


4. “Circumstances have made me a celebrity.” Faiq Bolkiah


5. “You won’t be getting anything out of me in the future. You’ll get no cooperation after this.” Faiq Bolkiah


6. “Victory requires payment in advance.” Faiq Bolkiah


7. “I’ve played football since as early as I can remember, and from a young age, I’ve always enjoyed going out on the field and having the ball at my feet.” Faiq Bolkiah


8. “I just want me to be shown for what I am, not some silly headline that’s only going to distract from my development.” Faiq Bolkiah


9. “Maybe it’s not a great story. They weren’t full of attitude like you might expect, didn’t bring a load of glamour to training. They were just normal, down-to-earth kids who took their football seriously.” Faiq Bolkiah


10. “The greatest game you can win is won within.” Faiq Bolkiah


11. “My parents have always been supportive in helping me to achieve my dreams of being a footballer, and they trained me hard both psychologically and physically through my childhood years, so I have to say they are my role models.” Faiq Bolkiah


12. “There is still plenty of time, though. Time to develop skills and talent. Time to impress more people with professionalism and personality.” Faiq Bolkiah


13. “What stood out more than anything else is a talent.” Faiq Bolkiah


14. “Any sense of entitlement doesn’t seem to be part of me.” Faiq Bolkiah


15. “Anyone with the ball at their feet, they were outstanding.” Faiq Bolkiah


16. “The academic achievement came first, regardless of the allure of the football field.” Faiq Bolkiah


17. “They were very private people who kept themselves to themselves.” Faiq Bolkiah


18. “The seed of desire and the emotional stamina that fortifies would-be athletes for the physical and mental challenges of their disciplines.” Faiq Bolkiah


19. “Practice winning every day!” Faiq Bolkiah


20. “Their philosophy was that everyone gets to play, irrespective of ability. Which is fine, but my philosophy was to create more teams and have a first team, second team, third team, and so on.” Faiq Bolkiah


21. “We were the only team in the league who took short corners.” Faiq Bolkiah


22. “There were lots of rumors. The Sultan of Brunei connection was made quite early. We knew who Faiq was.” Faiq Bolkiah


23. “Partly because we were small but partly because we had the talent to do that.” Faiq Bolkiah


24. “Interestingly enough, it was Ukasyah who was the one everyone thought was the better of the two. That was primarily because he was a lot taller and stronger. Faiq was quite a small guy, still is quite small in fact. Small in stature but so much skill. Both of them were very, very good players.” Faiq Bolkiah


25. “Play hard, smart, and together.” Faiq Bolkiah


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