25 Inspirational George Clooney Quotes

25 Inspirational George Clooney Quotes

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George Timothy Clooney is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter and philanthropist. He is the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards, one for acting in Syriana and the other for co-producing Argo.

Inspirational quotes from George Clooney:


  1. “Failures are infinitely more instructive than successes.” George Clooney


  1. “You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.” George Clooney


  1. “Art takes different forms, but it represents something that is basic in all of us — our history.” George Clooney


4. “For me, the definition of a patriot is someone who will constantly question government.”– George Clooney

  1. “I find that as you get older, you start to simplify things in general.” George Clooney


  1. “I’m kind of comfortable with getting older because it is better than the other option, which is being dead.” George Clooney


  1. “It’s a humbling thing when you find someone to love. Even better if you’ve been waiting your whole life.”– George Clooney


8.”I didn’t live my life in the right way for politics. I’ve f***** too many chicks and done too many drugs, and that’s the truth.”– George Clooney


  1. “When you first start out, you are just happy to get a job, any job. And as time moves on, either you move forward or screech to a halt.”– George Clooney

  1. “The loneliest you will get is in the most public of arenas.” George Clooney


11.”When a man hits 40 is when roles just begin to happen. And for women, it doesn’t happen. I find that to be a very concerning issue.” George Clooney


  1. “The hardest thing is trying not to correct everything on the Internet.” George Clooney


13.”The simple truth is everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to voice it, and they should if they want to.” George Clooney


  1. “Having ‘Oscar winner’ on your tombstone is a great thing.” George Clooney

  1. “It’s not about an opening weekend. It’s about a career, building a set of films you’re proud of. Period.” George Clooney


  1. “90 percent of films are pretty mediocre, but they have a built-in audience and open on 3,000 screens.” George Clooney


  1. “Directors are the captains of the ship, and it’s your job as the lead actor to make sure that the rest of the cast understands that by doing whatever he says.” George Clooney


  1. “It’s possible for me to make a bad movie out of a good script, but I can’t make a good movie from a bad script.” George Clooney


19.”When you’re young you believe it when people tell you how good you are. And that’s the danger, you inhale. Everyone will tell you-you’re a genius, which you are not, and if you understand that, you will.” George Clooney

  1. “You don’t want to try to look younger, because you’ll look wrong.” George Clooney


  1. “Here are your options: live long enough to watch your friends die, or die young.” George Clooney


  1. “I think it’s the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids.” George Clooney


  1. “You can’t legislate good taste.” George Clooney


  1. “Run for office? No. I’ve slept with too many women, I’ve done too many drugs, and I’ve been to too many parties.” George Clooney

25.“I watch Batman & Robin from time to time. It’s the worst movie I ever made, so it’s a good lesson in humility.” George Clooney

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