25 Inspirational Gopichand Hinduja Quotes

25 Inspirational Gopichand Hinduja Quotes

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Gopichand Hinduja is an Indian-born British billionaire businessman, the co-chairman of the Hinduja Group. Since the 1990s, he has been consistently ranked among the UK and Asia’s wealthiest people. In May 2017, Hinduja topped the Sundat Times Rich List with an estimated wealth of GBP 16.2 billion ($21 billion).

Inspirational quotes from Gopichand Hinduja:

  1. “Philanthropy is at the core of our family’s principles and values. The beliefs, values, traditions and above all the philosophy of the family were shaped by the experiences.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “Philanthropy and giving back to society are in our DNA. My father believed it was his Dharma – or duty – to work to give.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “The time of Partition in India, my father was in Bombay, where he set up a clinic and centre with food and accommodation for fleeing refugees from Pakistan as well as a school for children arriving in the city.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “My word is my bond comes from our father’s strong belief to honor his commitments.” Gopichand Hinduja

5. “We also believe it is our duty to help strengthen relations between India and host countries where our family is based, notably the UK, the United States and Switzerland. In our 40 years in London, we have promoted Indo-UK relations and the Asian community here.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “Another guiding principle, Act Local, Think Global is the idea that the Group should have global ambitions, and spread across the globe.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “we have to know and understand the countries, their cultures and the markets in which we operate.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “Yes, we have invested in property around the world including London, Geneva, Monaco, Paris, Dubai, New York, Toronto and Washington DC and across India.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “he key factors included the integrity of our offer and our ability to demonstrate that we could breathe new life into the Old War Office and create something extraordinary.” Gopichand Hinduja

10. “We demonstrated we had the capability to transform this building into an icon of the future while respecting its heritage and serving a renewed purpose for the community.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “My hope and vision is that The Old War Office becomes a place that represents peace and tolerance.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “We were the first Asian family to host and organise an Annual Diwali reception where politicians from all political parties were invited including Margaret Thatcher, Sir John Major, Tony Blair and more recently Boris Johnson.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “We are redefining the purpose of the building with the finest private residences anywhere.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “We attach great importance to our relationship with the United Kingdom – this is our home where many of our children went to school and university.” Gopichand Hinduja

15. “India will be in a much better situation because it’s the second-largest democracy and the U.S. wants to grow its defence business in India, and India is one of the world’s largest importers of defence equipment.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “Today, when I meet Indian industrialists visiting London, I don’t see happy faces. They all feel nothing is happening. I (myself) don’t get the same feeling because wherever we have invested, the returns have been substantial.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “Demonetisation is a bold decision. Nobody has taken such a decision in a vast economy like India. The economy’s cash component has gone into the banking system. Traders used cash to do business.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “But we will have to wait and watch. I also feel tax generation will become much better.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “We have a power surplus because there is no push in manufacturing.” Gopichand Hinduja

20. “If infrastructure projects are held up, we will have accumulated interest on them, making them unviable.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “The PM should review big turnkey projects.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “I don’t think I can elaborate much as I don’t want to court media controversy.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “We have good CEOs who have turned our companies around. We give them a free hand but we keep a run a tight ship on governance.” Gopichand Hinduja


  1. “If the policies are clear and I don’t have to come here again and again to change my shoes, yes, we will. Otherwise, no.” Gopichand Hinduja

25. “There is no dearth of money. Everyone knows that India is a good destination with great potential and opportunity. The concern is of delay and how to do business.” Gopichand Hinduja

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