25 Inspirational Halal Quotes and Sayings

25 Inspirational Halal Quotes and Sayings

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1. “Focusing on only halal food is not enough, we need to focus on halal income as well.”


2. “Don’t do fake promise, know that clear rejection is better than fake promise.”


3. “Halal is must for believers in everything not just in what we eat but also in what we wear, what we eat, what we earn, what we love etc.”


4. “Spreading peace brings peace but not hate so be wise and spread peace over hate.”


5. “Obey Allah and be lover of truth and don’t cause problems on the land.”


6. “If Allah loves you more than a mother, you shouldn’t be ashamed of crying to him like a baby.”


7. “Focus completely on a Halal way of life and refrain from Haram.”


8. “O Allah, fill our hearts with your love and make us obedient servant of yours.”


9. “Haram is haram even if it is culture, Halal is halal even if it is frowned upon, Fardh is fardh even if it doesn’t fit your schedule, Shirk is shirk even if it is respect.”


10. “Every intoxicant is haram in Islam. Avoid haram and use halal only.”


11. “Allah is greater than anything because Allah is the creator of everything.”


12. “Ya Allah, We need your help, guidance and protection in our life more than worldly pleasure. Please take away the love of this Dunya (worldly things) from our hearts that taking away us from you and fill our hearts with your love.”


13. “What is haram will always be haram even if the whole world engages with it.so avoid haram and follow Halal.”


14. “If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart.”


15. “When your earning comes from Halal source, even a minimum wage will be sufficient to live a good life, but when your money comes from Haram source, it will always feel as if it is never enough, even if you are making millions.”


16. “Never underestimate the power of a Dua. One small Dua can change your life completely.”


17. “I started loving Allah when I realized He was the only one who caught me when I fell, Rescued me when I was in distress, and watched over me as I slept every night.”


18. “A mistake is something that you did thinking it was right but it was wrong. A sin is something that you know is wrong.”


19. “A person who saves you from sinning is someone who really loves you.”


20. “Hot tongues don’t burn the mouths but burn the good deeds.”


21. “Beware of what disturbs the heart. If something unsettles your heart, then abandon it.”


22. “If someone keeps reminding you of Allah, then know that his/her love for you is true.”


23. “Making a promise by saying In Shaa Allah with the intention of not fulfilling it is hypocrisy.”


24. “We should not only focus on halal food but also should focus on halal income.”


25. “When you love someone, you will take care of them But when you love Allah, He will take care of you.”

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