25 Inspirational Islamic Quotes about Love

25 Inspirational Islamic Quotes about Love

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1. “The strength of love that comes with the truest commitment with the God and the implementation of his teachings.”


2. “Love is mostly affiliated with carrying out the traditional ritual but surely it has much more to do with than just tying those bonds.”


3. “The power and endless amount of fortunate bliss that comes along the way when you devote yourself to the existence and belief in Allah.”


4. “That Allah has also given the appropriate wisdom to his beings to recognize what love is and what are its outcomes. Islam indeed is a beautiful religion that is spreading it’s light everywhere.”


5. “The heart is like a cup The more you fill it with love of Allah the bless room there is for love of Dunya.”


6. “When a man says “I accept” at a marriage ceremony he is saying i accept the responsibility of providing for my wife, loving her & protecting her.”


7. “Give love in secret by praying for one another.”


8. “That being on the right path of the religion, will lead you towards the right path and that is the path of Allah and what He wants you to follow.”


9. “About how much Allah loves those who believe in asking Him, and that once again reflects on the fact of how powerful and impacting dua is and can be.”


10. “A man who will lead you to Allah & not to sin is always worth the wait.”


11. “If Allah Grants You the Love of another Muslim, Cling on to it.”


12. “About how faith and love are interrelated and faith ultimately leads to creating a powerful relation with Allah.”


13. “All the signs of Allah that influences you to stay on the right path are the signs that he loves you beyond any possible means of measure.”


14. “The concept of pairing and how each pair has first been created and then sent to the earth for existing is present and no denying of this fact can be done.”


15. “When Love is for the sake of Allah, It never Dies.”


16. “True love is when you with that Allah is pleased with the one you love.”


17. “The scripts of life have been written beforehand and only needs your dedication, while the rest will be taken care of.”


18. “One of the greatest blessings a Muslim can receive in the world is a righteous and pious spouse.”


19. “Allah has already written the names of your spouses for you. What you need to work on is your relationship with Allah.”


20. “When we talk about the actuality of love and how it is evolved into its best version, then a concept such as this one, barges in.”


21. “Be with someone who thanks Allah for you.”


22. “Halal is a must, its not just about what we eat but also what we wear and what we love.”


23. “Because at the end of the day, all love is deserving of the person who wants to lighten up your akhirah even more than your day.”


24. “Remind me of Allah, if your love for me is indeed true.”


25. “The evidence that is specified in the Holy Quran in the clear words that human beings were created in pairs and hence you will end up with someone who belongs beside you.”

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