25 Inspirational Jamie Oliver Quotes

25 Inspirational Jamie Oliver Quotes

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Jamie Oliver is a British chef and restaurateur. He has hosted numerous television shows and has opened many restaurants. His television work included a documentary, Jamie’s Kitchen, which gained him an invitation from Prime Minister Tony Blair to visit 10 Downing Street. In June 2003, Oliver became a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Below are Inspirational Quotes From Jamie Oliver:


  1. “What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “The public health of five million children should not be left to luck or chance.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “If you only design menus that are essentially junk or fast food, the whole infrastructure supports junk.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone; to show that you can make mistakes – I do all the time – but it doesn’t matter.” Jamie Oliver

5. “Heads know that failing to invest in good, nutritious food is a false economy and parents won’t tolerate reconstituted turkey being put back on the menu.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “Many kids can tell you about drugs but do not know what celery or courgettes taste like.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “Just because the Americans are so good at rattling out accessible and cheap junk food, nobody looks twice when it comes to their food. But there are golden nuggets everywhere.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “I left school with basically nothing, I was a special needs kid. I did feel as though my school had let me down.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “The kitchen oven is reliable, but it’s made us lazy.” Jamie Oliver

10. “We’re in a situation now where weight and extreme weight and heart disease is the biggest killer in this country today.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “If Obama wanted to make radical changes to America’s health long-term, all he has to do is treble the price of sugar and salt.”Jamie Oliver


  1. “As usual, my timing is bizarrely good.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “When I was a schoolkid, I went to Castleton quite a few times. We’d be there studying rocks, going down these big hills. It was a great place!” Jamie Oliver


  1. “I’m probably a bit romantic about it, but I think we humans miss having contact with fire. We need it.” Jamie Oliver

15. “Give your kids a bloody knife and fork and let me put some fresh food in front of them they can eat.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “My first outdoor cooking memories are full of erratic British summers, Dad swearing at a barbecue that he couldn’t put together, and eventually eating charred sausages, feeling brilliant.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “I could cook from quite an early age – purely because I liked it.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “What we call barbecuing in this country is actually direct grilling. In many countries, it also means cooking in an enclosed box with a heat source, ideally wood, all year round.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “I love roasting because you can give it love, get it in the oven and go and play with the kids or whatever you’ve got to do, and then hours later you’ve got a lovely dinner.” Jamie Oliver

20. “In England, you’re allowed to have an opinion – as long as it comes out of your mouth.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “Young people can be disruptive and screw up classes. But even if they are being a pain in the arse it’s a cry for help – they don’t feel like they are being listened to.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “It’s not the extremes and the treats that are the problem. It’s the everyday.” Jamie Oliver


  1. “I like ties but I prefer not to wear one when I’m nervous.”Jamie Oliver


  1. “I challenge you, to go to any school and open 50 lunchboxes, and I guarantee you there will be one or two cans of Red Bull, there’ll be cold McDonald’s and jam sandwiches with several cakes.” Jamie Oliver

25. “Like most of the other teachers, I’d done a bit of teaching and we all think we’re great at what we do, but you realize that normally you have an audience who are all onside, who all want to listen.” Jamie Oliver

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