25 Inspirational Jimmy White Quotes

25 Inspirational Jimmy White Quotes

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James Warren White is an English expert snooker player who currently contends with an invitational visit card. Nicknamed “The Whirlwind” in view of his liquid, assaulting style of play and prominently alluded to as “Individuals’ Champion”, White is the 1980 World Amateur Champion, 2009 Six-red World victor, multiple times World Seniors Champion (2010, 2019, 2020), 2019 Seniors 6-Red World Champion and 1984 World Doubles champion with Alex Higgins.

Inspirational Jimmy White Quotes:


1. “That’s enough money to change your life.” Jimmy White


2. “I made mistake after mistake.” Jimmy White


3. “That’s the hardest part of the game. You’ve got to stay focused. With golf, make a mistake and you get another shot straight away; but with snooker, you could be five minutes before you get another chance.” Jimmy White


4. “I’m playing very well in practice, but the first match of the ranking season is massive.” Jimmy White


5. “Talent, it can become a trap.” Jimmy White


6. “That’s a bit of fun but then I shall put in the hard work. Under pressure, it’s become a struggle and that’s something I shall have to sort out.” Jimmy White


7. “I knew I had my work cut out because he is a good player. There’s a lot of pressure on these matches, so I’m glad to have got through.” Jimmy White


8. “I could be in Spain, spending my time playing bad golf; financially I don’t need to play snooker. I play because I love it.” Jimmy White


9. “Ding is an exception in China as I haven’t seen any other Chinese player who could assist him in the top tournaments. The rest of them lag far behind and are not that competitive.” Jimmy White


10. “I grew up in south London and spent most of my adolescence in the snooker halls of the area, turning professional at 17.” Jimmy White


11. “I’ve survived through my love for the game.” Jimmy White


12. “I told him I would have to see about paying him, He told me not to worry about it.” Jimmy White


13. “It’s funny how the worst of times brings on the best of times.” Jimmy White


14. “I was never a playboy I was an out and about boy.” Jimmy White


15. “It’s Notre Dame and Ohio State. You just can’t get any better than that.” Jimmy White


16. “The first thing about snooker, find a cue you’re happy with. Then stick with it.” Jimmy White


17. “To be honest, most of my troubles – bankruptcy, drinking, gambling were self-inflicted.” Jimmy White


18. “Some people take the view that I’m too laid back. Yet its how I feel.” Jimmy White


19. “The momentum really shifted when he made that long putt and I think my nerves got the best of me, but he played extremely well down the stretch. He deserved to win.” Jimmy White


20. “I used to be jack the lad, I was out a lot, I was mainly waking up with hangovers at tournaments rather than preparing.” Jimmy White


21. “I really did struggle and it was very frustrating.” Jimmy White


22. “I’ve survived through my love for the game.” Jimmy White


23. “This woman was chronically sick and her family called us for help during the storm, but we couldn’t put a vehicle on the roads, After the winds died down, there was no way to get to her because Highway 15 where she lived was blocked by fallen trees.” Jimmy White


24. “I’ve survived through my love for the game.” Jimmy White


25. “Most gamblers do it for ego. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about challenging your ego and showing your mates you’re fearless and will bet on anything.” Jimmy White

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