25 Inspirational Jimmy White Quotes

25 Inspirational Jimmy White Quotes

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James Warren White, MBE is an English professional snooker player who now competes with an invitational tour card.

Inspirational Jimmy White Quotes:


1.”I was never a playboy but I was an out and about boy”. Jimmy White


2.”To be honest, most of my troubles – bankruptcy, drinking, gambling – were self-inflicted”. Jimmy White


3.”First thing about snooker, find a cue you’re happy with. Then stick with it”. Jimmy White


4.”Talent, it can become a trap”. Jimmy White


5.”I grew up in south London and spent most of my adolescence in the snooker halls of the area, turning professional at 17″. Jimmy White


6.”Most gamblers do it for ego. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about challenging your ego and showing your mates you’re fearless and will bet on anything”. Jimmy White


7.”If you’ve got to win ugly, do it”. Jimmy White


8.”I could be in Spain, spending my time playing bad golf; financially I don’t need to play snooker. I play because I love it”. Jimmy White


9.”I used to be jack the lad, I was out a lot, I was mainly waking up with hangovers at tournaments rather than preparing”. Jimmy White


10.”I’ve survived through my love for the game”. Jimmy White


11.”In the past it sometimes took me two or three rounds to get the adrenaline rush”. Jimmy White


12.”Some people take the view that I’m too laid back. Yet it’s how I feel”. Jimmy White


13.”That’s the hardest part of the game. You’ve got to stay focused. With golf, make a mistake and you get another shot straight away; but with snooker you could be five minutes before you get another chance”. Jimmy White


14.”The worst problem I’ve probably had was the gambling – you can do your money in the bookies a lot quicker than you can do it in the pub”. Jimmy White


15.”Ronnie is a very clever winner. He will make sure that he does everything in his power to win the tournament. He is super-fit”. Jimmy White


16.”Certain styles of play take a bit longer”. Jimmy White


17.”I’m a supporter of Barry Hearn, I voted for him and will support him in whatever he wants to do”. Jimmy White


18.”I have no regrets, I’ve had a fantastic life, travelled the world”. Jimmy White


19.”If I didn’t think I could win the World Championship I would go and play golf badly in Spain”. Jimmy White


20.”I never abused anybody but myself”. Jimmy White


21.”I play poker face to face”. Jimmy White


22.”The people in China love their snooker. We get a fantastic reception when we go over there”. Jimmy White


23.”The best match I ever played in was the U.K. championship final against John Parrot in 1992. I won 16-14 and I felt like I could pot anything from anywhere”. Jimmy White


24.”From having no money and coming from a very proud working class family, it was tough. But then all of a sudden we had loads and loads of cash. I realised that this was a great opportunity to do what I love for a living. I was going to tournaments up and down the country and I was able to win anything from five to seven thousand pounds”. Jimmy White


25.”Ronnie O’Sullivan, the greatest snooker player ever, will tell you that he doesn’t practise. I’m not having that. I call him Roger, after Federer, because he’s a genius. He doesn’t like that nickname”. Jimmy White

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