25 Inspirational Jonathan Ross Quotes

25 Inspirational Jonathan Ross Quotes

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Jonathan Stephen Ross, OBEis an English television and radio presenter, film critic, and actor best known for presenting the BBC One chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross during the 2000s. Ross also hosted his own radio show on BBC Radio 2, and acted as a film critic and presenter of the Film programme. After leaving the BBC, Ross then began hosting a new chat show on ITV, The Jonathan Ross Show.

Below are Inspirational Quotes From Jonathan Ross:


  1. “We did not expect to see so much volatility at the open, given the run-up in 3Com, in anticipation of the float.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “There is a price to pay for pirate DVDs and it’s much higher than most people think.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “He said: ‘I don’t know how you manage to fit them all in.’ I said: ‘It’s not too late to take this back.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “To the extent that there is some uncertainty, and there’s less uncertainty now, then that’s a good thing with the bank.” Jonathan Ross

5. “More action packed than a Cardiff pub with Anne Robinson.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “The longer the rope, the more challenging because you have to generate more force, you want to see that move travel all the way down to that anchor point.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “David looked more scared and I got a perverse joy out of it.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how many people remember you when you die.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “Jenson is now officially the fastest button in sport, apart from the one on Tiger Woods’ trousers.” Jonathan Ross

10.“It is Whicker’s World, we just live in it. Have a look at him: immaculately turned out, impeccably mannered – effortlessly charming. In fact, I believe Alan Whicker is the only man who calls Des Lynam a Chav.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “People are already self-selected by the time they’ve decided to become scientists.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “Saying yes to a pirate DVD is also saying yes to crime on your streets.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “We will revisit our price target and rating when the stock stabilizes. Our long-term view of Palm is as rosy as yesterday’s (Thursday’s), but we assert that the implied discount between Palm and 3Com’s Palm stake is the best way to play Palm for now.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “Willingness to live on the ground floor is at a much higher level today than it was in the mid-1980s.” Jonathan Ross

15. “Falling ill is not something that happens to us, it is a choice we make as a result of things happening to us.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “Video consumption is exploding on-line and on-demand is going to be the dominant way to consume content.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “There’s a disconnect between buyers and sellers. Sellers tend to be about at least six months behind the curve.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “I’m going to get this for a lot of people ?it’s fantastic… a gift and a half.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “There was a bit of a run-up before the results. They were good results, but the turnaround is already in the price.” Jonathan Ross

20. “Fortunately, this is not something that we see a lot of. Very rarely do you see a dog in this terrible shape from starvation. People just aren’t that cruel.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “Look at AbiTitmuss. This year she’s been tied to more bed posts than David Blunkett’s guide dog.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how many people remember you when you die.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “A common mistake is going too quick too soon, it’s like riding a bike. People get nervous about making a mistake but it’s not that difficult to learn as long as they don’t get too stuck in their own head.” Jonathan Ross


  1. “Hollywood – it’s either people who are unhappy or soon will be.” Jonathan Ross

25. “It’s a little like running with the upper body, it’s not just using different muscles but training muscles in different ways.” Jonathan Ross

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