25 Inspirational Kamaru Usman Quotes

25 Inspirational Kamaru Usman Quotes

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Kamarudeen Usman is a Nigerian-American expert blended martial artist. He as of now contends in the Welterweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the current UFC Welterweight Champion. Usman is additionally The Ultimate Fighter 21 competition champ.

Inspirational Kamaru Usman Quotes:


1. “I believe that I’m not just a fighter in this game; I love to study the sport. And in studying the sport, I believe I have a good eye for the sport, and I’m able to talk about the sport.” Kamaru Usman


2. “There’s a blessing in everything that happens to us.” Kamaru Usman


3. “I fractured my left foot.” Kamaru Usman


4. “Fighters no longer manage themselves: they have a whole team behind them. A fighter has a manager, an agent, a Hollywood agent they got this and that. And on top of that, they’ve got their whole team of coaches.” Kamaru Usman


5. “For what we do training, as a fighter, you have to be able to flip that switch where you turn into that savage, that guy that’s prepared to go to war.” Kamaru Usman


6. “Anybody in that welterweight division that thinks they want this, you know you don’t, because I’m a problem. I’m a problem in this division.” Kamaru Usman


7. “When you’re doing something like wrestling – wrestling is one of the toughest and hardest martial arts to learn – but it’s still a form of martial arts. It’s still controlled.” Kamaru Usman


8. “That’s why I think that I have a big advantage because I work on my striking a ton, but I don’t forget about my wrestling, which brought me to the dance.” Kamaru Usman


9. “You never say never. That’s one of the lessons I’ve learned.” Kamaru Usman


10. “When it comes down to digging, can’t nobody dig as hard as I can dig.” Kamaru Usman


11. “Demian Maia, he’s a legend. He’s a veteran in the game. He knows how to fight. He’s been through so many five-round fights. He’s headlined a lot of cards, fought Anderson Silva for the title, fought Tyron Woodley for the title. He’s a veteran, he knows ho.” Kamaru Usman


12. “I’m a good, upstanding guy with moral values and core values.” Kamaru Usman


13. “As an African, there are certain professions your family wants you to do or are willing to sign off. Being a medical professional, as a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or being an engineer – those are the only professions allowed!” Kamaru Usman


14. “I am what I am. I don’t regret anything.” Kamaru Usman


15. “I never in my wildest dreams dreamt of being in a position like this, of having a platform like this, where I can really show the world – not just Africa, but the entire world, people in Asia, India, wherever – that your current situation doesn’t have to.” Kamaru Usman


16. “My mind is strong.” Kamaru Usman


17. “Once Africans realize we can just fight and get paid for it, we can do that and still provide for ourselves and our families and countries? We’re going to flood the market.” Kamaru Usman


18. “At the end of the day, I’m a professional.” Kamaru Usman


19. “Once you have an opponent in your mind that you’re preparing for, you’re working on specifics, and you get guys in to mimic what they do.” Kamaru Usman


20. “There comes a time in our careers that you get that one guy. That guy that just makes your blood boil. That really pulls the savage out of you.” Kamaru Usman


21. “One thing about me is that my parents didn’t force me to be an athlete.” Kamaru Usman


22. “I love to study people, and that’s basically what sociology is.” Kamaru Usman


23. “You don’t ever want an African father to come to your school looking for you.” Kamaru Usman


24. “In my village where I’m from, there’s still no running water everywhere. People are still struggling to get clean water.” Kamaru Usman


25. “I’m good everywhere. I can defend the takedowns. I can get a guy down if I want them. I can keep it standing and strike. I can do it all.” Kamaru Usman

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