25 Inspirational Kishore Biyani Quotes

25 Inspirational Kishore Biyani Quotes

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Kishore Biyani is an Indian Billionaire businessman who is the Founder and CEO of Future Group, one of India’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailers. He is also the founder of retail businesses such as Pantaloon Retail and Big Bazaar.

Inspirational Kishore Biyani Quotes:


1. “We live in an imperfect world, and it is meaningless to strive for perfection. It is far better to strive for excellence.” Kishore Biyani


2. “People who are asleep make no mistakes…In whatever journey you undertake, you are going to face a lot of challenges. When the challenges come, how you learn from that and how you introspect takes you to another level. Every challenge will take you somewhere.” Kishore Biyani


3. “We believe that in India we have the opportunity to grow for the next two to three years. We believe at the moment consumers are feeling psychologically stronger than they ever were to spend.” Kishore Biyani


4. “I believe that we all come to this world to kill time. Therefore, we pick up some activity that we like doing and call it our profession. I call this the time pass theory.” Kishore Biyani


5. “If we provide people with an occasion to shop, they will come, whether in the cities or in the small towns.” Kishore Biyani


6. “We have learned that if we provide people with an occasion and an excuse to shop, they will come.” Kishore Biyani


7. “A manager always fears making a mistake and that is where he differs from an entrepreneur.” Kishore Biyani


8. “There’s a tearing hurry. We should be large enough before anybody comes in whoever that may be. We learned from them that you can sell utensils and fashion together.” Kishore Biyani


9. “Always believe in doing new things – learning, unlearning, relearning.” Kishore Biyani


10. “We are assuming India will grow, that we are going to have a lot of young people who will want to shop. But everything can change overnight.” Kishore Biyani


11. “There are two types of leadership. The first is all about thought leadership, which is an original thought, believing in it, and making things happen based on those thoughts. The second type is skills leadership, which refers to doing things consistently and in your own style.” Kishore Biyani


12. “Why do we want to give them easy access? The ‘Wal-Mart effect’ is well documented.” Kishore Biyani


13. “Don’t get attached to what you create. The customer can reject you in an hour.” Kishore Biyani


14. “India cannot grow without its entrepreneurs. They are the ones who will create the jobs.” Kishore Biyani


15. “Physical has its own advantages and nuances and digital has its own. Both of them came in different eras and they will meet. I think in the next three to four years, it will be ‘phygital’.”Kishore Biyani


16. “In order to achieve any dream, one needs to have the willingness to change, confidence, and a total lack of inhibitions. This features youth, the ones who are going to drive the trends.” Kishore Biyani


17. “The first is all about thought leadership, which is an original thought, believing in it and making things happen based on those thoughts.” Kishore Biyani


18. “Most people are trained to be preservers. It is great to be a preserver. But for us, whoever has to create has to destroy. Without destroying, you cannot create anything new.” Kishore Biyani


19. “We can chop and change anything we do, anytime. Nothing is constant for us. Nothing is constant here. We believe in destroying what we have created.” Kishore Biyani


20.”Our measurement of effectiveness is a capitalistic approach based largely on how successful leaders are in terms of balance sheet performance. But we must also look at many other benchmarks.” Kishore Biyani


21. “One would have to change everything to look at things differently.” Kishore Biyani


22. “For me, leadership is all about thought leadership, not skills leadership. Skills leadership can be developed even after the age of 24 or 25, but thought leadership cannot be developed after a certain age.” Kishore Biyani


23. “It’s not so easy to get people in smaller towns to spend money, but they still come to the store, all dressed up with their families. It’s an outing for them.” Kishore Biyani


24. “Don’t think too much. And don’t have too much knowledge. Ignorance is the biggest thing I feel. If I had done an MBA, I would never have been able to build a business.” Kishore Biyani


25. “It’s not a matter of can we take on foreign retailers, but how big a gorilla you are.” Kishore Biyani

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