25 Inspirational Mohammad Amir Quotes

25 Inspirational Mohammad Amir Quotes

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Mohammad Amir is a former Pakistani cricketer who played for Pakistan between 2009 and 2020. Amir retired from international cricket on 17 December 2020. He is a left-arm fast bowler.

Inspirational Mohammad Amir Quotes:


1. “No matter how small the dishonest deed is, at the end of the day, cheating is cheating.” Mohammad Amir


2. “What I had said was that as a cricketer, you have to take care of your body and look after your fitness levels, and someone altered that statement and quoted me as saying that I wanted to quit playing Test cricket. It’s totally untrue, and as long as I am fit, I want to play in all formats.” Mohammad Amir


3. “Although I was good at my studies, I also thought to myself that I should play cricket as well. And when the cricket team that consisted of the boys from our village used to play, I was able to play with the team that had older players.” Mohammad Amir


4. “I got so famous with so many new people entering my life. You can imagine how it was for an 18-year-old who was playing effortlessly and savouring every moment of my success. I had lost all sense of reality.” Mohammad Amir


5. “I think the more cricket you play, the more you will learn about yourself and learn about life in general.” Mohammad Amir


6. “I was banned when I feel I was at my peak, and anyone in my shoes would feel the same way I did and would also have gone through the whole range of emotions that I did.” Mohammad Amir


7. “You can’t push and force people to do what they don’t want to do.” Mohammad Amir


8. “I know people madly in love with cricket; they got hurt, and they now should trust me only because I want to give back their love for cricket by performing. I want them to trust me because they lost something because of me, and I want to give back with my whole heart and soul.” Mohammad Amir


9. “It has been an honour to represent Pakistan in the pinnacle and traditional format of the game. I, however, have decided to move away from the longer version so I can concentrate on white ball cricket.” Mohammad Amir


10. “Pakistan fans are crazy about cricket.” Mohammad Amir


11. “I have toured New Zealand before and know they love the game, and they are so caring and loving, so I don’t expect anything untoward from them.” Mohammad Amir


12. “I love people who succeed in life overcoming various odds.” Mohammad Amir


13. “When I first met Salman Butt, he was a senior player, and he was a star for Pakistan, and I was a junior, but he had a very good image amongst the juniors. It wasn’t that he was only nice to me: he was close to all the juniors, cracking jokes and socializing with them and being pleasant to them.” Mohammad Amir


14. “If anyone says you are bad, this means he wants you to be good, and I am here to be good, and I want to be good. If they say I have done bad, then they should also give me a chance to change myself for good.” Mohammad Amir


15. “At the end of the day, nobody drops a catch on purpose, and even the fielder gets frustrated. As a bowler, when a few catches are dropped, yeah, that is frustrating. But I think, ultimately, it’s part of the game.” Mohammad Amir


16. “I want to be the best cricketer I can be for my country. If I work hard, the main aim for me is to be the world’s best bowler.” Mohammad Amir


17. “The main thing for a bowler is his wrist position, and that, as I’ve said before, is something I’m working on.” Mohammad Amir


18. “Thanks to Allah, I trust myself to distinguish between right and wrong.” Mohammad Amir


19. “As a fast bowler, if you are out of the game for five months, then that can be catastrophic, but to be out of the game for five years was very tough, and to make a comeback after such a long period with no cricket behind me was a difficult task.” Mohammad Amir


20. “At times, when everything is good, you enjoy your peak, but you are sometimes not able to differentiate between right and wrong – everything seems to be good even if you know it’s bad. So this is what I have learned.” Mohammad Amir


21. “My favourite ground is The Oval because I have a lot of memories on that ground.” Mohammad Amir


22. “I believe cricket suffered because of me. Fans were disheartened because of me. I want to make them happy and win them over again.” Mohammad Amir


23. “If you know you’ve been out of order, then you must tell the truth.” Mohammad Amir


24. “Everybody knows that prison is not a good place for anyone, and nobody would feel proud to be there. But I’d like to mention that I was treated really well in there.” Mohammad Amir


25. “I come from a village, Changa Bangyaal. It is a very beautiful village. I am from a poor family. Right from the beginning, I always had a great deal of love for cricket.” Mohammad Amir

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