25 Inspirational Peter Jones Quotes

25 Inspirational Peter Jones Quotes

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Peter Jones is a British entrepreneur and businessman with interests in mobile phones, television, media, leisure, retail and property. He is the last remaining original investor on the BBC Two television show Dragons’ Den and on American television series American Inventor.He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2009 New Year Honours.

Below are Inspirational Quotes From Peter Jones:


  1. “In general terms, pantheism is at the root of all non-biblical religions, which worship creation rather than the Creator.” Peter Jones


  1. “Spirituality has become a do-it-yourself life hobby that blends ancient Eastern practices with modern consumer sensibilities.” Peter Jones


  1. “Thus, traditional Western culture is under siege, and the immediate casualties are the millennials, who have unwittingly been seduced by aging progressivists (my peers, mind you!).” Peter Jones


  1. “I am a piece of the town, a bit of blown dust, thrust along with the crowd.” Peter Jones

5. “we have given until we have no more to give; alas, it was pity, rather than love, we gave” Peter Jones


  1. “[T]here are only two worldviews: the biblical one … and the other one.” Peter Jones


  1. “there are only two worldviews—one based on the ultimacy of the creation, and the other based on the ultimate, prior, and all-determining existence of the Creator.” Peter Jones


  1. “There is God, and there is everything that is not-God—everything created and sustained by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Peter Jones


  1. “A worldview contains a series of convictions and conclusions about the nature of the world that provide fundamental meaning and direction for our lives,” Peter Jones

10. “I would advise drinking lots of water when you are flying to counteract the dehydration. This also affects your digestion of food and tends to slow it down.” Peter Jones


  1. “A premium of 50 percent seems fair enough for a company that hasn’t really gone anywhere for a long time.” Peter Jones


  1. “There weren’t quite as many as last year. I think the weather put some off a bit.” Peter Jones


  1. “You have to restore law and order, and that’s being done, and the (police) are in action on that.” Peter Jones


  1. “Most airlines will take the wine on board the aircraft and taste it, because red wine in particular can taste quite different when drunk in-flight compared to on the ground.” Peter Jones

15. “Their results were not particularly good, but there were reasons to think things were looking better. There was a certain competence there.” Peter Jones


  1. “Encouragingly, the latest figures confirm a pick up in lending for the construction of dwellings that will begin to flow into dwelling approval numbers over the coming months.” Peter Jones


  1. “After a thorough review of the many DMS solutions available we felt sure that Power, along with the company’s dedicated support, would equip us to meet the business opportunities and challenges going forward.” Peter Jones


  1. “It’s difficult to say at the moment just what the delay will be.” Peter Jones


  1. “Our office will conduct a vigorous investigation and an aggressive defense on behalf of Mr. Wesson.” Peter Jones

20. “It is a Christian heresy, and church fathers spent years dealing with this stuff.” Peter Jones


  1. “The decision to raise interest rates will further hit the interest rate sensitive residential market, deepening and extending the downturn.” Peter Jones


  1. “For us to be successful, we need more development in South South trade and further integration.”  Peter Jones


  1. “We’re beginning to join the dots between activity like mining and burning coal and the impacts on climate, jobs shouldn’t be coming at the expense of the environment.” Peter Jones


  1. “Those are both better measures of your true risk related to bad cholesterol.” Peter Jones

25. “The law appears to leave key issues, such as criteria for bidding companies, to the discretion of the oil minister without providing any real checks on his decisions.”  Peter Jones

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