25 Inspirational Purification Quotes

25 Inspirational Purification Quotes

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1. “The fact is that purification and austerity are even more necessary for the appreciation of life and laughter than for anything else. To let no bird fly past unnoticed, to spell the stones and weeds, to have the mind a storehouse of sunset, requires a discipline in pleasure and an education in gratitude.”


2. “Charity purify your heart and makes you lion.”


3. “Purify, Purify. Purify thy sacred soul.”


4. “Suffering often draws us closer to God. Instead of being a sign of God’s punishment or distance, suffering can purify us, lead us into the heart of God, and transform our souls.”


5. “Purification and redemption are such recurrent themes in ritual because there is a clear and ubiquitous need for them: we all do regrettable things as a result of our own circumstances, and new rituals are frequently invented in response to new circumstances.”


6. “Solitude is the place of purification and transformation, the place of the great struggle and the great encounter.”


7. “It may be difficult to understand why a test comes our way, but we must never forget that the test is accomplishing refining and purification.”


8. “It may be difficult to understand why a test comes our way, but we must never forget that the test is accomplishing refining and purification.”


9. “The purification of politics is an iridescent dream.”


10. “Enrichment only comes through purification.”


11. “Solitude is the place of purification.”


12. “Yoga is meant for the purification of body and its exploration as well as for the refinement of the mind.”


13. “If you pray, you purify your heart.”


14. “If we first purify our souls, we desire to dwell in clean surroundings.”


15. “Heavenly Father please purify the air from all pollutants. AMEN!”


16. “Crying purifies and cleanses. I once read about a scientific experiment which demonstrated that there are 38 toxic chemicals in a tear of sadness, while only one toxin exists in a tear of joy. As you cry in sadness, fear, or confusion, you cleanse the body and spirit of toxins which cloud the mind and prevent it from accepting the truth.”


17. “The light of love is the brightest, because it shines into those who contact it and purify their soul. It is also dangerous in the fact that when you come into contact with it just once, you can’t truly live life if it is to leave.”


18. “Mist to mist, drops to drops. For water thou art, and unto water shalt thou return.”


19. “Body is purified by water. Ego by tears. Intellect is purified by knowledge. And soul is purified with love.”


20. “The Soul has never become impure not even for a second and if it had become impure then no one in this world would have been able to purify it.”


21. “The path of self-purification is hard and steep. One has to become absolutely passion-free in thought, speech and action to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion. I know that I have not in me as yet that triple purity in spite of constant ceaseless striving for it. That is why the world’s praise fails to move me, indeed it very often stings me. To conquer the subtle passions seems to me to be harder far than the physical conquest of the world by the force of arms.”


22. “The spiritual journey is one of continuous learning and purification. When you know this, you become humble.”


23. “The offering up or cleaning up ego stuff is called purification. Purification is the act of letting go. This is done out of discriminative awareness. That is, you understand that you are an entity passing through a life in which the entire drama is an offering for your awakening.”


24. “Life is a stream of happy and unhappy experiences, because that leads to Soul’s purification. How do you get by in the dark times? Try to give love to someone, especially then.”


25. “Hiddenness is the place of purification. In hiddenness we find our true selves.”

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