25 Inspirational Quotes from Paul Pogba

25 Inspirational Quotes from Paul Pogba

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Paul Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Manchester United and the French national team. He operates primarily as a central midfielder. After beginning his senior career with Manchester United two years later, limited appearances persuaded him to depart to join Italian side Juventus on a free transfer in 2012.

Inspirational Quotes from Paul Pogba:


  1. “It’s a big Challenge too, just to come back to where I came from, where I grew up, where I started. I just didn’t finish what I started here so I think I came here to finish it.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I do what I love.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I have to keep working hard and playing well because I don’t like to be second or third.” Paul Pogba


  1. “Because I’m fairly big, I like to use my body. So I’ll control the ball, even when a there’s player on me, and then I’ll pass.” Paul Pogba

5. “I only think about the pitch. I want to do great. I want to be one of the best.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I want to win titles, I want to achieve things and that’s all.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I’m someone who says what he thinks.” Paul Pogba


  1. “The real Pogba is the one you see every time. You know, when I’m on the pitch, I cannot act. I’m not an actor.” Paul Pogba


  1. “My family always helped me. I had people around me who always pushed me to be the best: my dad, my mum.” Paul Pogba

10. “I always dream about winning the Ballon d’Or.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I am ready to go and just do my best.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I spoke with a lot of players (who played under Mourinho) when he was at Real Madrid, I spoke with him a few times and he gave me energy, he gave me positivity.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I grew up in a flat with my brothers and my cousins. My brothers were in the same bed.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I’m not trying to say that I’m the strongest, only that I want to be.” Paul Pogba

15. “I wasn’t really interested in girls.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I want to win this World Cup and to do that you have to make sacrifices. Defending isn’t my strong point, I’m not Kante, but I’ll happily do it.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I want us to go on the pitch, as warriors, as leaders.” Paul Pogba


  1. “My career is not finished, I cannot say that now. There is work to be done.” Paul Pogba


  1. “Outside of football, I just love life, you know. We’re lucky to play football, to have all this body.” Paul Pogba

20. “I want to become a legend, like Pele or Maradona. Or more than them.” Paul Pogba


  1. “There are so many things in life that make you sad, you have to be happy.” Paul Pogba


  1. “Creativity is a huge part of my game as a player. It helps open doors which others don’t see.” Paul Pogba


  1. “I will not be touched if someone says, ‘I do not love you.’ You have the right. You do not have to love me.” Paul Pogba


  1. “We cannot love everyone and be loved by everyone. It would be perfection, and nothing is perfect in this world.” Paul Pogba

25. “We cannot love everyone and be loved by everyone. It would be perfection, and nothing is perfect in this world.” Paul Pogba

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