25 Inspirational Quotes From Tony Gaskins

25 Inspirational Quotes From Tony Gaskins

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Tony Gaskins  is a motivational speaker and writer. He speaks on various topics including how to develop business, success, and self-confidence. Tony Gaskins also work as relation developer. Due to his motivational talks there are millions of followers on his facebook and twitter account.

Below are Inspirational quotes from Tony Gaskins:

1.“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.” Tony Gaskins

2.“Wake up feeling blessed! Your thoughts will determine the quality of your life. Don’t give into the worries of the world. Trust God and walk by faith.” Tony Gaskins

3.“Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.” Tony Gaskins

4.“Don’t talk yourself out of what you deserve.” Tony Gaskins

5.“Bitter people, God loves them and so should we. Pray for them. They will find something negative to say about anything positive. They can’t be happy for you because they are disgusted with themselves. Don’t become bitter with them, become better and pray for their growth and maturity.” Tony Gaskins

6.“You can give a person knowledge but you can’t make them think. Some people want to remain fools, only because the truth requires change.” Tony Gaskins

7.“To be content doesn’t mean you don’t desire more, it means you’re thankful for what you have and patience for what’s to come.” Tony Gaskins

8.“Character is what makes a man.” Tony Gaskins

9.“I forgive you but I also learn a lesson. I won’t hate you but I’ll never get close enough for you to hurt me again. I can’t let me forgiveness become foolishness.” Tony Gaskins

10.“Block negativity. You don’t have to endure nonsense; confront it, then remove it from your life. Own your happiness and never put it up for auction.” Tony Gaskins

11.“Be willing to go alone. Many who started with you won’t finish with you.” Tony Gaskins

12.“It’s not worth the anger. Energy is everything. Be careful where you spend your energy because you won’t get that time back.” Tony Gaskins

13.“Don’t lose yourself trying to be everything to everyone else.” Tony Gaskins

14.“You have to yourself enough to set a standard for your life that you’re unwilling to compromise. If you accept the standards of others for your life you’ll never be happy.” Tony Gaskins

15.“Make yourself a priority. No one should treat you better than you treat yourself. Love starts with you.” Tony Gaskins

16.“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.” Tony Gaskins

17.“It’s okay to be inspired by someone but be bold enough to be yourself.” Tony Gaskins

18.“Walk by faith! You may not know how or when it will get better but you must trust that it will get better. Everything works out for those who keep going.” Tony Gaskins

19.“You can’t win in life if you’re losing in your mind.” Tony Gaskins

20.“You’ll get what you settle for. If you don’t know your value, you’ll never get what you’re worth.” Tony Gaskins

21.“You can’t clean up your life if you’re holding onto messy people.” Tony Gaskins

22.“Not everyone will appreciate your good heart. Some will accept your kindness and disrespect you in return. Don’t let those people make you bitter and cold. Love them from a distance if need be.” Tony Gaskins

23.“Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it’ll take their breath away.” Tony Gaskins

24.“Let a person show themselves worthy of your trust and respect before you give them full access to your life.” Tony Gaskins

25.“Evaluate the people in your life. It’s time to promote, demote, or terminate. You are the CEO of your life.” Tony Gaskins

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