25 Inspirational Quotes From Wilferd Peterson

25 Inspirational Quotes From Wilferd Peterson

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Wilferd Peterson was an American writer he wrote for This Week magazine for almost 15 years. Wilferd also wrote monthly columns for Science of Mind magazine. He was regarded as “most loved American writers of the 20th century and best known for his poem The Art of Marriage.

Below are Inspirational quotes form Wilfred Peterson:

1.“You visualize yourself as the person you want to be. You strive to make the ideal in your mind become a reality on the canvas of Time.” Wilferd Peterson

2.“You hold in your hand the camel’s-hair brush of a painter of Life. You stand before the vast white canvas of Time. The paints are your thoughts, emotions and acts.” Wilferd Peterson

3.“Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.” Wilferd Peterson

4.“Those who hope to avoid all failure and misfortune are trying to live in a fairyland; wise people realistically accept failures as a part of life and build philosophies to meet them and make the best of them.” Wilferd Peterson

5.“Words of encouragement fan the spark of genius into the flame of achievement.” Wilferd Peterson

6.“Through books you can start today where the great thinkers of yesterday left off, because books have immortalized man’s knowledge. Thinkers, dead a thousand years, are as alive in their books today as when they walked the earth.” Wilferd Peterson

7.“Success is relative and individual and personal. It is your answer to the problem of making your minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years add up to a great life.” Wilferd Peterson

8.“Tolerance is understanding. It is open to new light. Those who are tolerant are always eager to explore viewpoints other than their own.” Wilferd Peterson

9.“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, travelling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies.” Wilferd Peterson

10.“Words of encouragement fan the spark of genius into the flame of achievement.” Wilferd Peterson

11.“There are no secrets of success. Success is doing the things you know you should do. Success is not doing the things you know you should not do.” Wilferd Peterson

12.“Take time for good books; time to absorb the thoughts of poets and philosophers, seers and prophets.” Wilferd Peterson

13.“The supreme art of living is to strive to live each day well.” Wilferd Peterson

14.“The secret of being more vitally alive is to be more aware. Starting today, from this moment, become aware of awareness!” Wilferd Peterson

15.“Success is having the courage to meet failure without being defeated. It is refusing to let present loss interfere with your long-range goal.” Wilferd Peterson

16.“Sooner or later, a man if he is wise, discovers that life is a mixture of good days and bad, victory and defeat, give and take.” Wilferd Peterson

17.“Imagination guides you in your contacts with individuals and crowds, so you can discover new concepts and approaches.” Wilferd Peterson

18.“Let me look upward into the branches of the flowering oak and know that it grew great and strong because it grew slowly and well.” Wilferd Peterson

19.“In gratitude for God’s gift of life to us we should share that gift with others. The art of giving encompasses many areas. It is an outgoing, overflowing way of life.” Wilferd Peterson

20.“Imagination stimulates your thinking power by giving your mind abundant data with which to work. It opens the gate to dreams and fantasies so that you may become receptive, as a little child, in exploring the kingdom of ideas.” Wilferd Peterson

21.“Prayer does not change God, it changes us. It deepens insight, increases intuitive perception, expands consciousness. It transforms personality.” Wilferd Peterson

22.“Big thinking precedes great achievement.” Wilferd Peterson

23.“Today’s world needs change, alteration, renewal, and corrections of errors. It needs new ideas, new approaches, methods, plans, procedures, and new ways of doing things.” Wilferd Peterson

24.“Goodwill is a power that can be used every day of the year and every hour of the day. It is instantly available.” Wilferd Peterson

25.“Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love.” Wilferd Peterson

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