25 Inspirational Ranbir Kapoor Quotes

25 Inspirational Ranbir Kapoor Quotes

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Ranbir Kapoor is an Indian film actor. He is one of the highest-paid actors of Hindi cinema and has featured in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list since 2012. Kapoor is the recipient of several awards, including six Filmfare Awards.

Inspirational Ranbir Kapoor Quotes:


1.”Personally, love is very important for me. There are lots of ordinary things in life, so love should be extraordinary. I hope I achieve that”. Ranbir Kapoor


2.”Movies are a director’s medium, and they end up getting less credit than actors. They get the flak if the movie doesn’t do well, and the actor walks away with most of the credit if the film does well”. Ranbir Kapoor


3.”I would like to believe every man is a one-woman man”. Ranbir Kapoor


4.”I decide intuitively what I want to do. When directors like Imtiaz Ali, Ayan Mukerji, Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap, who have stories to tell, come to me, why would I not be a part of it”? Ranbir Kapoor

5.”‘Saawariya’ was my debut film. It will always be the most special film”. Ranbir Kapoor


6.”I want to reach the heights of stardom beyond my imagination”. Ranbir Kapoor


7.”The chemistry of a pair on screen is known only when the audience reacts to it”. Ranbir Kapoor


8.”I’m quite detached from failure and success. Once a shooting is done, I kind of close that chapter in my life”. Ranbir Kapoor


9.”‘Bombay Velvet’ is my most romantic film, it’s my ‘Titanic’ or ‘Gone With The Wind”.’ Ranbir Kapoor

10.”I don’t have any formula. I just work with my heart, putting in a lot of hard work”. Ranbir Kapoor


11.”Promotions are the worst part of making a movie. We are actors and not salesmen. Still, you have to go to so many places to try and sell the movie”. Ranbir Kapoor


12.”I believe in the institution of marriage, but one can’t fix a time for it. Please don’t predict it for me”. Ranbir Kapoor


13.”I am young enough to try my hands at all kinds of cinema”. Ranbir Kapoor


14.”I am not here to beat anyone. I am here to make a name for myself, and I am glad to work with great directors. I don’t believe in the term ‘next superstar”. Ranbir Kapoor



15. Today, the paparazzi are not just photographers: everyone has a cell phone with a camera. If they see an actor, they click pictures to show it to their friends or have it on their phones and, as an actor, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Having said that, there is a limit that has been crossed, but there is nothing right or wrong”. Ranbir Kapoor


16.”Money has never been my drive. I have never seen the shortage of money in my life, so for me, I don’t want to buy a silk pillow or a private jet… My drive is to achieve more than what my grandfather achieved; my drive is to make a name for myself, get rid of this ‘star son’ tag that has been attached to me”. Ranbir Kapoor


17.”Half the time, people will be abusing me on Twitter, and half the time, somebody will be praising me. So either it will go to my head, or I will take it to my heart. So better I stay away from it”. Ranbir Kapoor


18.”People feel that I became an actor because I am from a film family and that my parents were actors. But actually, the only reason I wanted to become an actor was to get away from studies”. Ranbir Kapoor


19.”I think I’ve found a purpose in acting; it’s something I truly love and truly enjoy. It makes me happy. It makes me understand more about life, in front of the camera, than what I’m living beyond the camera”. Ranbir Kapoor

20.”I hate celebrating birthdays”. Ranbir Kapoor


21.”I come from a background where money has never been an issue”. Ranbir Kapoor


22.”It’s all because of my parents that I am gifted with such good looks and people get attracted to me. I have built an image in the industry, and because of that, I have so many female fans. I want to build my male fan following, too”. Ranbir Kapoor


23.”Love is such that God grants us one person who we can spend the rest of our life with. It rarely happens that we don’t”. Ranbir Kapoor


24.”I don’t think you can force a moral opinion or you can force something through a Bollywood film”. Ranbir Kapoor

25.”I read autobiographies because there is too much fiction in my life”. Ranbir Kapoor

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