25 Inspirational Rohit Sharma Quotes

25 Inspirational Rohit Sharma Quotes

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Rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket and captains Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League as a right-handed batsman and an occasional right-arm off-break bowler. He is the vice-captain of the Indian national team in limited-overs formats.

Inspirational Rohit Sharma Quotes:


1. “Comebacks are not at all easy. After a major surgery, the difficult part is to conquer the inner demons. It’s all in the mind. Only an individual can overcome his fears.” Rohit Sharma


2. “No matter how talented you are or naturally gifted you are, there’s no substitute to hard work if you got to maintain standards.” Rohit Sharma


3. “There are things we control but things that are not in control, no point wasting time and energy into that.” Rohit Sharma


4. “You need to realize that you must have something to aim for, something to drive you.” Rohit Sharma


5. “Every time you play for your country, there is responsibility. But when you are captaining, you can say so; you have to lead from the front and make sure the team follows the direction you want them to.” Rohit Sharma


6. “In international cricket, the core group in most of the teams would remain the same. So you know what’s expected, but they will operate in different conditions, which is why the homework about conditions is the key.” Rohit Sharma


7. “I am not someone like A. B. de Villiers, Gayle, or Dhoni. I don’t have that much power. I have to use my brain to manipulate the field and stick to my strength, which is to hit through the lines.” Rohit Sharma


8. “My job is to help Virat in the field. He is the captain, and whenever he looks up around, I should be around to compliment him and help him as much as I could.” Rohit Sharma


9. “Of course I like to watch myself bat. After every innings, match, series, I do watch my own videos whenever I get the time.” Rohit Sharma


10. “Every first-class season is important; every game is crucial, irrespective of whether you are in the Indian team or not.” Rohit Sharma


11. “We have a lot of freedom to express ourselves. When you see us playing on the field, I guess you can make that out. This batting unit, especially, is fearless. We want to go out there and achieve the best possible result.” Rohit Sharma


12. “I’m learning from my past mistakes and trying to correct them as I move forward. Experience at the international level has probably taught me what it takes to probably go out there and get a 100 or to build an innings or to win a game.” Rohit Sharma


13. “The only pressure I feel is how I can contribute to help my team win the match. Of course, there is always the pressure to score, but then doesn’t it eventually help your team win? Frankly, I don’t let these things affect me.” Rohit Sharma


14. “Once you get past 100, it is all about not making a mistake.” Rohit Sharma


15. “I have to be prepared always and be at my best. I looked to bat 50 overs and score as many as possible. It may not happen all the time, but whenever I see the opportunity, I try to make the most of it.” Rohit Sharma


16. “We have to win everything. The last time we went to South Africa, we had an opportunity to win the series, but things didn’t work out.” Rohit Sharma


17. “There will be times in South Africa when we will be challenged as a team. We have to stand up to that.” Rohit Sharma


18. “I am happy with the way I hit the ball. There is a certain element of power into it but not completely. It is like 80 percent timing and 20 percent power. Why do I need power hitting when I can clear the ropes with timing?” Rohit Sharma


19. “People are impatient. They want things to happen overnight, and have no idea of the circumstances and situations that can surround an individual at times.” Rohit Sharma


20. “To each his own, but my process of preparation is based on conditions, not opposition.” Rohit Sharma


21. “It pumps me up – the whole idea of the bowler marking his run-up, popping at the crease, the crowd chanting, nerves building up. It’s a very good feeling. Right from the first ball, I know I have to be at the top of my game.” Rohit Sharma


22. “In the IPL, you are often single-handedly responsible for the fortunes of your team. It makes you more responsible as a player.” Rohit Sharma


23. “Seeing off the new ball is important for me. I know that once I do that, the only way I could get out could be from my own mistake.” Rohit Sharma


24. “Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy. But it is not. You have to use your brain and time the ball.” Rohit Sharma


25. “You should not remain in your comfort zone; if you want to make it big, you must challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and succeed in doing well outside of your comfort areas.” Rohit Sharma

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