25 Inspirational Ronnie O’Sullivan Quotes

25 Inspirational Ronnie O’Sullivan Quotes

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Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan is an English expert snooker player from Essex. As a six-time best on the planet, a record seven-time Masters champion, and a record seven-time UK champion, he is the best part throughout the entire existence of snooker’s Triple Crown Series, with a record 20 titles.

Inspirational Ronnie O’Sullivan Quotes:


1. “It’s so strange that the more successful you become, the more people want to give you things. And the more you can afford, the more people want to give you things for nothing. It doesn’t seem right.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


2. “My dream would probably be (to be) a property developer. I love Homes under the Hammer.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


3. “I just kind of imploded and sabotaged it. I wanted to lose. I had a f***ing meltdown. If I’d have won that match I would have had to play Peter f***ing Ebdon for two days.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


4. “The relentless pursuit of perfection has been my problem over the years. It’s maybe held me back.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


5. “Looking for perfection is the only way to motivate yourself.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


6. “The physical and mental pain (of playing snooker) has been taking its toll.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


7. “I just want to live for the moment. Tomorrow’s not important, next month is not important, what’s happened in the past is not important. That is my journey.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


8. “With all my demons, and my mum away, and dad away, and the drink and drugs, the kids, the maintenance, the keeping fit, the obsessions, the depressions, in between all that I’ve managed to win four world titles, four UKs and four Masters. I don’t know-how. I’ve won 24 ranking events, 10 Premier Leagues, more than 50 tournaments altogether. It’s not bad going for such a f**k-up!” Ronnie O’Sullivan


9. “Every day in Crawley is a day lost in my life.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


10. “My dad’s method in his madness was to try every sport and then observe what I liked. I played football, tennis, golf, cricket but I loved my snooker.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


11. “I’ve been semi-successful. I’ve done all right but I’m not the player I was. Who do I think will win the world championship? John Higgins. Have I been good for snooker? I don’t know.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


12. “I am so peed off with the game and I am bored with it. I would rather be planting a few shrubs in the garden. Hopefully, the match gets abandoned and maybe John Virgo and Willie Thorne come out and play a few trick shots. I really don’t care.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


13. “I know what I want to do and there’s no point giving my secrets away.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


14. “So, all in all, the whore’s drawers are back up, and with any luck, they’ll stay that way.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


15. “If anyone could get away with it, I could. I could just play one-handed or left-handed, or just put a towel over my head, and pretend I was going nuts. But it’s not something I would or could do. I couldn’t live with myself; I’d feel that was robbing somebody.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


16. “I remember getting to every World Championship and thinking, ‘I can’t wait till this tournament is over ‘cos then there are no more drug tests, I can go out and smash it’.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


17. “People think I don’t like interviews but I don’t mind speaking about proper and interesting stuff. When its stupid stuff to build your image and you are told to mention this and mention that, I hate it.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


18. “I do entertain a lot of negative thoughts and I haven’t got any self-belief. But I haven’t done badly for someone without any self-belief.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


19. “Running clears my mind, and gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


20. “A champion thinks: ‘That’s going in the hole, pot the blue and get on to the pink; that’s the shot.’ Embrace the moment, I told myself. This is what top sport is about, this is how you separate yourself from the pack. You grab these opportunities and commit.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


21. “My a***hole had gone. My fight. I had nothing in me.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


22. “My heart not been in it this year and I’ve not been playing well but I keep on winning.”Ronnie O’Sullivan


23. “The most important thing, the biggest love of my life, is my snooker. I’ve never been so emotionally ingrained in something – in a person, an object, anything – as I have in snooker.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


24. “Sometimes the game feels ridiculously easy and when it’s not there I get frustrated. I remember recently making a 147 in practice and ripping the tip off my cue afterwards because I still wasn’t happy with how I was hitting the ball.” Ronnie O’Sullivan


25. “I’m willing to give snooker 10, 15, 20% but I need to do other things where I feel valued.”  Ronnie O’Sullivan

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