25 Inspirational Sai Baba Quotes

25 Inspirational Sai Baba Quotes

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Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master who is regarded by his devotees to be a manifestation of Sri Dattaguru and identified as a saint and a fakir.

Inspirational Sai Baba Quotes:


1. “There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one language, the language of the heart.” Sai Baba


2. “Before you speak, ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it true? Does it improve the silence?” Sai Baba


3. “Love all. Serve all. Help ever. Hurt never.” Sai Baba


4. “Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” Sai Baba

5. “Anger, ego, jealousy are the biggest diseases. Keep yourself aloof from these three diseases.” Sai Baba


6. “You are not one person, but three: The one you think you are; The one others think you are; The one you really are.” Sai Baba


7. “Only that which is got by hard effort will yield lasting benefit.” Sai Baba


8. “Our life is like a block of ice which is melting away every moment. Before it spends itself, devote it to the service of others. Education in human values is designed to prepare everyone for this life of dedicated service.” Sai Baba


9. “The life ahead can only be glorious if you learn to live in total harmony with the Lord.” Sai Baba

10. “Life is a mosaic of pleasure and pain – grief is an interval between two moments of joy.” Sai Baba


11. “Love is selflessness. Self is lovelessness.” Sai Baba


12. “Some say knowledge is power, but that is not true. Character is power.” Sai Baba


13. “The grace of God is like insurance. It will help you in your time of need without any limit.” Sai Baba


14. “Look out into the universe and contemplate the glory of God. Observe the stars, millions of them, twinkling in the night sky, all with a message of unity, part of the very nature of God.” Sai Baba

15. “A man who has no love in him is as barren as a cloud with no moisture, a tree with no fruits or a cow yielding no milk; he is ever far from God and can never earn His grace.” Sai Baba


16. “Love is a bridge over the sea of change. Do not build a house on it.” Sai Baba


17. “Let all beings in all the worlds be happy. Include this universal prayer in your prayers every day. This is my birthday message to you.” Sai Baba


18. “True devotion must not get dispirited; nor elated or satisfied with lesser gains; it must fight against failure, loss, calumny, calamity, ridicule and against egoism and pride, impatience and cowardice.” Sai Baba


19. “As worldly thoughts diminish, thoughts of God increase. Normally, the mind is all the time desiring these worldly things. As the desires are cut out one by one, the peace becomes stronger.” Sai Baba

20. “Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process.” Sai Baba


21. “Do not use poisonous words against anyone, for words wound more fatally than even arrows.” Sai Baba


22. “Do not get attached to worldly things and pursuits. Be in the world, but do not let the world be in you.” Sai Baba


23. “The secret of perfect health lies in keeping the mind always cheerful – never worried, never hurried, never borne down by any fear, thought or anxiety.” Sai Baba


24. “If you honor your mother, the mother of the universe will guard you against harm.” Sai Baba

25. “My eye is ever on those who love me.” Sai Baba

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