25 Inspirational Shahid Khan Quotes

25 Inspirational Shahid Khan Quotes

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Shahid Rafiq Khan is a Pakistani-conceived American very rich person finance manager and sports businessman. He is the proprietor of Flex-N-Gate, an American car organization. Khan is likewise the proprietor of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League, Fulham of the Premier League, and co-proprietor of All Elite Wrestling.

Inspirational Shahid Khan Quotes:


1. “You’ve to find, attract, and keep good people.” Shahid Khan


2. “That’s what luck is? When preparation meets opportunity.” Shahid Khan


3. “Manager Kit Symons sees our players daily. As a top-flight player not that long ago, Kit knows and feels the game.” Shahid Khan


4. “Cold calling is about developing social skills and getting used to rejection. We are constantly selling something to somebody.” Shahid Khan


5. “Washing dishes gave me a sense of empowerment and the feeling that I control my destiny.” Shahid Khan


6. “Sashi will assume the general counsel responsibilities formerly held by Paul Vance, who is leaving the franchise after 18 years of service.” Shahid Khan


7. “I have great confidence in Rene and high expectations for our squad to respond.” Shahid Khan


8. “You take the situation and you make it better.” Shahid Khan


9. “Nobody cares about ’60 Minutes.’ Everybody cares about the Jaguars. Isn’t that amazing?” Shahid Khan


10. “The most important thing is to really make a difference.” Shahid Khan


11. “If you aren’t learning, you are regressing, because more growth comes from failure than from success.” Shahid Khan


12. “You’ve got to find the best people.” Shahid Khan


13. “My experience tells me the hard road is almost always the right road.” Shahid Khan


14. “I’m from the colonies, so I remember when the sun never set on the British Empire.” Shahid Khan


15. “Jacksonville has exceptionally good talent in the areas of modality activities.” Shahid Khan


16. “I have no regrets about buying Fulham. Absolutely not. This is a perfect club for what we wanted to do. It’s absolutely historic, small, and has just the perfect fan base.” Shahid Khan


17. “I have great confidence in Rene and high expectations for our squad to respond.” Shahid Khan


18. “You have to learn and change, no matter how successful you are.” Shahid Khan


19. “I learned analytics. It’s a point of reference, of information. It has to be a factor in decision making.” Shahid Khan


20. “I promise that no one wants to deliver a winner to Fulham supporters more than I do.” Shahid Khan


21. “It doesn’t matter how hard you work, there are forces that kind of prevent you from being the best you can be.” Shahid Khan


22. “I’ve said this before: a homeless guy in Detroit has more mojo than a millionaire in Jacksonville.” Shahid Khan


23. “I think listening to the customer, having a sense of humility. That’s huge.” Shahid Khan


24. “I want to be clear: I do not view myself so much as the owner of Fulham but a custodian of the club on behalf of its fans.” Shahid Khan


25. “And we just sat down and worked it out on a piece of paper.” Shahid Khan

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