25 Inspirational Sidharth Malhotra Quotes

25 Inspirational Sidharth Malhotra Quotes

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Sidharth Malhotra , born 16 January 1985 is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi -language films. Malhotra began a career as a model at the age of 18. Dissatisfied with the profession, he went on to work as a trainee assistant director to Karan Johar for the 2010 film My Name Is Khan.

Inspirational Sidarth Malhotra Quotes:


1.”A picture can say a thousand words but maybe not the correct ones”. Sidharth Malhotra


2.”As a kid, I remember my mother always experimenting with bizarre combinations of food such as gulab jamun and pickle! Surprisingly, many years down the line, I have adapted the same”.Sidharth Malhotra


3. “If I don’t have a meaning to what I am doing, I am not convinced to be a part of that activity”. Sidharth Malhotra


4.”If I don’t have a meaning to what I am doing, I am not convinced to be a part of that activity”. Sidharth Malhotra


5.”The idea is to be different with every film, and I’m glad my mother and my brother, who were sitting besides me during the screening of ‘Ek Villain,’ forget it was me on screen after the first 15 minutes”. Sidharth Malhotra


6.”There is a big market for horror in India, but people don’t explore that much”. Sidharth Malhotra


7.”It’s tough to do a romantic scene with someone you don’t like. I have been lucky so far”. Sidharth Malhotra


8.”You can’t force people to feel in a certain way, and the sooner you understand that,the better. I feel everything has its way of working”. Sidharth Malhotra


9.”No offense, but I don’t get the whole concept of arranged marriage. I’d rather know the person who I’ll settle down with”. Sidharth Malhotra


10.”I just have to attend someone’s birthday party or go out for dinner with someone else for us to be in a relationship. That’s not going to stop me from socialising, but tell me, which girl would want to be with a guy who goes to bed early and gives more importance to the gym”? Sidharth Malhotra


11.”It is very essential as an actor to be a perfectionist and have a knack for doing different roles over a period of time to keep their fans entertained”. Sidharth Malhotra


12.”As an actor, when you don’t have a reference to pick from, you experiment, try out new things. And what comes of it eggs you on. You realize your capabilities and push your limits”. Sidharth Malhotra


13.”There will be people who don’t like you or aren’t convinced. I’d rather let my work talk than justify in words”. Sidharth Malhotra


14.”Growing up, I always wanted to play a fighter”. Sidharth Malhotra


15.”If you are the kind who has an active lifestyle and are not hellbent on looking all buffed up, I’d think a vegetarian diet is the way to go”. Sidharth Malhotra


16.”Nothing beats Delhi when it comes to food. It has some fantastic restaurants and street-food joints”. Sidharth Malhotra


17.”For me, the most difficult move was when I chose to quit modelling and applied for a position of an assistant director”. Sidharth Malhotra


18.”The thing I crave for the most is appreciation for my acting”. Sidharth Malhotra


19.”The future of filmmaking is to make the canvas bigger, something you can’t enjoy on your phones or computers”. Sidharth Malhotra


20.”I’d like to have a different look for every film. As an actor, I think I should put more emphasis on my performance than on my looks”. Sidharth Malhotra


21.”I am still getting used to stardom. It’s a great place to be in”. Sidharth Malhotra


22.”I don’t come from a film background. so I am grateful to everyone who loves my work”. Sidharth Malhotra


23.”Yes, there is an image people have of me, that I did only sweet boy roles. With ‘Ek Villain,’ I got the opportunity to break out from this image. It is a way of answering my critics, to tell them I am here to perform and not just for glamour”. Sidharth Malhotra


24.”I used to play rugby, which requires a lot of physical strength. The game requires you to get aggressive”. Sidharth Malhotra


25.”I have had my set of fears in most of my movies. But the fun lies in overcoming them”. Sidharth Malhotra

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