25 Inspirational Stephen Hendry Quotes

25 Inspirational Stephen Hendry Quotes

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Stephen Gordon Hendry MBE is a Scottish expert snooker player and a reporter for the BBC and ITV. As a seven-time World Champion, he is the best part in the cutting edge time of the World Snooker Championship and holds the record for the most seasons as world number one.

Inspirational Stephen Hendry Quotes:


1. “I haven’t ruled out playing in America.” Stephen Hendry


2. “Larry David, he’s my hero. I want to be him, I want to act like him, everything.” Stephen Hendry


3. “It was hard for me because I’ve never played Mark before and I was expected to win.” Stephen Hendry


4. “You benefit from the deep inner belief of having wins behind you, so you get to the table, and you know you’re not going to miss.” Stephen Hendry


5. “For me, winning was ‘job done.’ I would practice the day after.” Stephen Hendry


6. “I’ll put a lot of hard work in, and if I play like I have this week, then who knows.” Stephen Hendry


7. “Ronnie O’Sullivan is the only player in history to be dominant and popular at the same time.” Stephen Hendry


8. “I’m surprised at how close the final was considering how badly I played.” Stephen Hendry


9. “In snooker, it’s very important to keep very still on the shot and allow the cue to do the work.” Stephen Hendry


10. “I would never be one to go striding over to any woman who caught my eye – after all, I’m the person who got to know my wife’s parents before I plucked up the courage to talk to her.” Stephen Hendry


11. “In both snooker and poker, you have to play your best under pressure; I was always able to do that. I don’t think it is something you can teach. Your mental strength, your confidence, your self-belief has got to be very strong. That is the common denominator.” Stephen Hendry


12. “If there are no more tournaments added I could be looking at playing pool. Why not? You don’t want to be sat at home twiddling your fingers all day.” Stephen Hendry


13. “Did I have a misspent youth? I suppose I did in that I left school early without any qualifications, having bunked off a few times for tournaments.” Stephen Hendry


14. “Financially speaking, I haven’t ended my career in the best shape, and there are debts, as well as what is to come by way of a divorce settlement to Mandy.” Stephen Hendry


15. “In around 2000, I became aware of a recurring problem of the ‘tightness’ around my cueing action, which somehow stops me believing that I can play the shot – even shots I could previously play with my eyes shut.” Stephen Hendry


16. “I played a careless positional shot from the blue and didn’t get on the red properly. From then on Alan was the better player.” Stephen Hendry


17. “I would never be one to go striding over to any woman who caught my eye – after all, I’m the person who got to know my wife’s parents before I plucked up the courage to talk to her.” Stephen Hendry


18. “By 2012, my game was shot. You’re sitting on your chair watching players’ leagues below you play shots you can’t. That destroyed me.” Stephen Hendry


19. “I never dreamed, when I received a small table for a Christmas present from my parents, I would have the career that I did or achieve so much.” Stephen Hendry


20. “All week they’ve been fantastic, one or two little flashes, but the same as you get in the UK.” Stephen Hendry


21. “If I have regrets, it’s around my sons. There is no doubt they were affected by the divorce Carter more than Blaine, I think.” Stephen Hendry


22. “I loved being the best player in the world. There was no pressure in staying there.” Stephen Hendry


23. “In Britain, we don’t appreciate people who have been a major success in sport. It is grudgingly given to you.” Stephen Hendry


24. “In the ’90s, I never socialized with other players.” Stephen Hendry


25. “The tip I would give is that once you play the shot, make sure your chin is touching the cue after you hit the cue ball.” Stephen Hendry

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