25 Inspirational Steve Davis Quotes

25 Inspirational Steve Davis Quotes

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Steve Davis, OBE is a retired English professional snooker player from Plumstead, London. He dominated the sport during the 1980s, winning six world titles. He reached eight World Snooker Championship finals in nine years.

Inspirational Steve Davis Quotes:


1. “We’re putting things in place this season to get us there.” Steve Davis


2. “We decided to break away from that market. It’s the most price-sensitive, low-margin, highly competitive one.” Steve Davis


3. “We didn’t want the rough start. Our approach is if we win district games we are in the playoffs.” Steve Davis


4. “Bringing back some of these styles and retro looks is absolutely brilliant.” Steve Davis


5. “This year, we came of age. This has evolved into what the vision was, which was to create a true lifestyle event with the auction as the nucleus.” Steve Davis


6. “We’ve got two of the best wide receivers I’ve ever coached. I haven’t had two wide receivers with their quality since Sterling Hicks.” Steve Davis


7. “We suspect that the shares will probably mark time until either another bidder emerges, which seems unlikely, or the merger gets through the competition authorities.” Steve Davis


8. “It is clear that integration to ‘back-office systems such as accounting or service management applications is an important aspect of providing end-to-end mobilization for field service organizations. With an easy-to-implement integration path via SOAP for service, we are able to provide the considerable benefits of EService while also allowing our customers to use their tried and proven’ business management applications.” Steve Davis


9. “We want to raise the level of play in Broward County. We want to make it out of the region, and to do so we have to beat a Dade County team.” Steve Davis


10. “If we can get a win over Wales it will give us confidence for Austria.” Steve Davis


11. “Loretta’s extensive business and public service background, coupled with her community involvement and role as a nationally recognized advocate for cultural diversity, make her an ideal choice to lead the New Mexico team.” Steve Davis


12. “But the result of not allowing her on the ballot is the voters in the 3rd Ward will have no candidate in the general election.” Steve Davis


13. “People are coming here now to have a good time. It’s a destination location. It’s the cuisine, it’s the entertainment, it’s the people-watching, it’s the sharing of celebrity, and living vicariously through some of those folk.” Steve Davis


14. “You don’t exactly know what she’s going to say, but you know it’s going to be entertaining.” Steve Davis


15. “Trying to work out some type of negotiation, right now, for him to turn himself in.” Steve Davis


16. “We’ve heard that from some students, so our attempt is to either prove or disprove that.” Steve Davis


17. “We can talk in general numbers, but to have a number citizens can count on, we’d need a formal rate study.” Steve Davis


18. “You have to have the infrastructure in place.” Steve Davis


19. “Our defensive backs coach Robert Hayes did a great job of preparing the secondary. He had those guys in the right place.” Steve Davis


20. “Every kid these days carries a backpack to school.” Steve Davis


21. “Any threats, we take them very, very seriously now. We have to have almost zero tolerance.” Steve Davis


22. “With the exception of the legendary pink Cadillac Elvis gave his mother, this is as good as it gets.” Steve Davis


23. “Those guys (the offensive line) have worked in the weight room since February. Because we didn’t start school until Thursday, they were able to stay late on Monday and Tuesday and watch the tape.” Steve Davis


24. “We have little reason to believe that either one of our suspects sent that note or authored it.” Steve Davis


25. “I don’t think its right, no matter what lake they do it on.” Steve Davis

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