25 Inspirational Sunday Adelaja Quotes

25 Inspirational Sunday Adelaja Quotes

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Sunday Adelaja is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, an evangelical-charismatic megachurch and a christian denomination in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1986, after graduation, Adelaja left Nigeria because he received a scholarship to study journalism at the Belarusian State University in Minsk, Byelorussian SSR.

Below are Inspirational Quotes From Sunday Adelaja:


  1. “You should not fast just to get the anointing. That won’t be very effective. Fasting is rather a means of abasing yourselves for the service of God and man.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “If you are obedient to God and do that what He has already created and built in the spiritual realm, then God’s creative power will make your job easy, and only then will the things you build be long lasting, able to stand the test of time.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “A real pastor — a good shepherd — is always concerned about the personal development of every individual person in his church.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “A good pastor knows how to trust people and how to give them authority to fulfill all kinds of tasks. He tries to make himself unnoticed and unnecessary. Don’t be indispensable!” Sunday Adelaja

5. “A good shepherd encourages and inspires each one that works alongside him.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “You must learn how to extract things of value out of things that seems totally worthless.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “A person who knows spiritual principles will walk confidently in God’s path, to fulfil what God has already planned to do” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “A good shepherd has a positive influence on his people through “inward work”, i.e. working on them from the inside.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “Learn to wait on the Lord! That will help you to walk your pathway in life in the power and glory of God.” Sunday Adelaja

10. “You receive a word of revelation that unveils the prototype or the picture you need to be able to perceive and understand how to build your life and what direction to take.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “Success is guaranteed every time, when you get a glimpse at God’s prototype, and see what God is building. You just need to follow Him.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “God will entrust you with something bigger after you have proved yourself faithful in the small things.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “It has to be the desire of your heart to let the whole world know about the love of God, about His sacrifice and our salvation.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “Do not seek popularity or self-affirmation; just show people God’s love and mercy, and help them to prosper and succeed. Simply serve God” Sunday Adelaja

15. “There are many people in the world who are running after vanity. They are striving after things that the Lord is not building.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “The secret of Jesus’s successful life and ministry was most surely the fact that He frequently communed with God and always followed His advice.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “Don’t just pray, but reach out in prayer to get an understanding of God’s plan, of His revelation and vision for your life.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “A good shepherd always gives people freedom to choose; he doesn’t lay down conditions or use any kind of pretext to restrict people. This shepherd resembles Jesus and people will not even want to leave him.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “God always gives grace to the person who knows how to humble himself before Him and who sets his hopes on Him. God only gives grace to humble people.” Sunday Adelaja

20. “You have to become a ladder that other people climb up in their path to success. If you are not ready for that, then you are not ready to be a pastor.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “By exalting others, you will be recognized as a true leader and pastor.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “Only a real pastor and a true leader will be looking for ways to train and equip his people to develop their potential.” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “Jesus preached to crowds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people, in order to make only twelve of them into His disciples, He took time to work with each person individually” Sunday Adelaja


  1. “A true pastor is always open to talk through and discuss things and to make joint decisions.” Sunday Adelaja

25. “The problems of your church members need to become your problems.” Sunday Adelaja

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