25 Inspirational Theo Paphitis Quotes

25 Inspirational Theo Paphitis Quotes

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Theodoros “Theo” Paphitis; born 24 September 1959 is a British Greek-Cypriot retail tycoon and entrepreneur. He is best known for his appearances on the BBC business programme Dragons’ Den and as former chairman of Millwall Football Club .

Inspirational Theo Paphitis Quotes:


1.”The thing I preach constantly is do your research; build your knowledge base. Don’t just go into business on a whim or a prayer – and don’t think ‘I’m an entrepreneur so I have to take risks’. Entrepreneurs don’t take risks. They take calculated risks; only the good ones.” Theo Paphitis


2.”There’s not much difference between a fantasist and a visionary. We all have dreams and without dreams in business, I don’t believe you can be successful. The trick is to turn them into reality.” Theo Paphitis


3.”One of the things I preach to all my staff is never be frightened to make a decision.” Theo Paphitis


4.”There’s an old chestnut that asks whether an entrepreneur is born or made and I think it’s a combination of both. You need the talent; without the talent you can’t do it.” Theo Paphitis

5.”Recession always encourages entrepreneurialism and innovation. It does that every time because when people have no options they look at other things.” Theo Paphitis


6.”The Internet means everything to everybody and it’s growing by the day. You can’t survive as a business, especially a small business, without having some form of good Internet presence; whether you’re a shop or it’s a showcase or just a way to talk to your customers.” Theo Paphitis


7.”There are three reasons to be in business. To make money, to have fun – and to make money.” Theo Paphitis


8.”The Internet is where we all go to for the first stop of information. It’s not the library any more, it’s the Internet and if I want to find out about Kate Russell, what do I do? I Google Kate Russell. Simple as that.” Theo Paphitis


9.”You can have a worldwide shop from your bedroom. You can do things that weren’t even dreamed of when I started off in business. It’s why technology is the most wonderful thing for small businesses.” Theo Paphitis

10.”If you cannot bore your friends to death about your own small business then something seriously is wrong” Theo Paphitis.


11.”A small business can survive for a while without making a profit, but if it’s cash flow dries up, the impact is fatal”.  Theo Paphitis.


12.”Save money:never rely on other people to lend you money. We call it having, “walking the street money” money in your back pocket or bank account that belongs to you”.  Theo Paphitis.


13.”A lot of multinationals have long, drawn-out processes and are pretty useless on putting products on the shelf quickly”. Theo Paphitis.


14.”I try to support local traders. The service makes up for any extra cost” . Theo Paphitis.

15.”Small does not mean insignificant”. Theo Paphitis.


16.”It’s called common sense,but it’s not common. most people don’t have it”. Theo Paphitis.


17.”I don’t really sleep until gone midnight anyway. It takes me a while to calm down before my mind allows me to switch off.” Theo Paphitis


18.“I can walk all day in malls, shopping centres, high streets – I love it.” Theo Paphitis


19.“I’ve always maintained the basic business principles of keeping it simple, doing your homework, hard work, and common sense.” Theo Paphitis

20.“Great customer service does not come by chance. It is the result of training and ensuring there are enough assistants to serve the customers.” Theo Paphitis


21.“Young people are the entrepreneurs of the future, and we should be looking to them as one of our sources of innovation for the high streets of tomorrow.” Theo Paphitis


22.”Stack the cards in your favour, and in a casino, you’ll get arrested and put in prison, but in business and in life, it’s the right thing to do.” Theo Paphitis


23.“I didn’t have a great childhood, and neither did Debbie, my wife, so we both try to give the kids not only the material things we never had but also the hugs and the love.” Theo Paphitis


24.“Good businesses will survive good times and bad times.” Theo Paphitis

25.“Every successful high street needs a catalyst that starts making people want to come there, and independent shops can be that catalyst. If you want a new idea on the high street, you’ll probably find it in an independent. I know I shouldn’t say this, but new ideas rarely happen in chains. What we do is adopt it once we spot it in an independent.” Theo Paphitis

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