25 Inspirational Victoria Principal Quotes

25 Inspirational Victoria Principal Quotes

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Vicki Ree Principal, born January 3, 1950,later known as Victoria Principal , is an American actress, producer, entrepreneur, and author, best known for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the American primetime television soap opera series Dallas . She spent nine years on the long-running series, leaving in 1987. Afterwards, she began her own production company, Victoria Principal Productions, focusing mostly on television films. In the mid-1980s, she became interested in natural beauty therapies, and in 1989, she created a self-named line of skincare products, Principal secret.

Inspirational Victoria Principal Quotes:


1.”As long as my body is in shape, my mind is working at its full capacity.” Victoria Principal


2 “I grew up thinking that whatever I wanted to do, I could do.” Victoria Principal


3 “I went to a woman for advice about how to be in business, but I learned a great deal from men”. Victoria Principal


4.”I went to find myself and save myself by being an agent”. Victoria Principal


5 “It is so easy to forget that this is good that we’re alive. We should be enjoying this gift of being alive”. Victoria Principal


6.”As the years go by, I’ve added a few pounds on, and I like it. I like it that I look a little softer”. Victoria Principal


7.”Ignorance is not bliss, but in my case, that was.” Victoria Principal


8.”There’s got to be grief.” Victoria Principal


9.”I believe that how you feel is very important to how you look – that healthy equals beautiful.”  Victoria Principal


10.”Unless we keep this planet healthy, everything else is for naught.” Victoria Principal


11.”I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated, but I can’t worry about what everyone’s going to think.” Victoria Principal


12.”There came a moment in my life when I realized that I had stepped into another part of my life. I used to walk into a room full of people and think, do they like me? And one day I walk in and I thought, do I like them?”  Victoria Principal


13.”You can’t be responsible for the way people respond to you. You’re only responsible for yourself.”  Victoria Principal


14.”Oprah is so bright, and her intelligence is so piercing that I don’t think anyone who spends a few minutes with her isn’t struck by that.” Victoria Principal


15 “Don’t strive to be perfect. Strive for excellence.”  Victoria Principal


16.”I arrived in California with no job, no car, and no money, but, like millions of other girls, a dream”  Victoria Principal


17.”I got even with all the bad management I had by being a good manager”  Victoria Principal


18.”I became so consumed with trying to live up to what the public expected that I lost myself. I don’t know of anyone else who can say this” Victoria Principal


19.”When women work together, it’s a bond unlike any other.” Victoria Principal


20.”When I started Victoria Principal Products, there were 22 full-time employees – they were all women” Victoria Principal


21.”There are two things in life that I really wanted to do: be an actress, and to be in skin care, and I’ve gotten to do both of them.”  Victoria Principal


22.”I was very lucky. My parents raised me in such a way that it never occurred to me that I wasn’t equal”  Victoria Principal


23.”Being an agent gave me a great sense of satisfaction”  Victoria Principal


24.”No one can make me work harder than I do, so I’m generally not interested in who I am competing with.”  Victoria Principal


25.”When I became a mature woman, I put both feet firmly on the side of maturity.”  Victoria Principal

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